Payless Case Study - Integrated over 400 Stores Worldwide

Integrate a secure e-commerce platform.


Payless wanted to integrate its new e-commerce platform with more than 400 brick and mortar stores spread across 15 countries. Each country had different legal and fiscal requirements that had to be addressed.

The retailer needed an integration solution that was secure and scalable to accommodate seasonal spikes in sales, with proven reliability for consistent uptime.

Payless selected the Digibee integration platform based on its flexible and highly secure performance. Digibee was able to deliver a fast and effective implementation well within the retailer’s aggressive timeline.


Efficiency: Automation and standardization of the integration process across 400+ stores in 15 countries.

Security: End-to-end encryption of all messages.

Visibility: Tracking of the integration process, including intermediate steps, in near real-time.

Scalability: Optimized business agility for rapid business response during surges in sales on Black Friday and other high-volume days.

Why Digibee

• A robust, secure, scalable and reliable platform
• Simplified process to seamlessly  integrate 400+ stores in 15 countries
• 24/7 monitoring to automatically identify any problems with real-time alerts

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