Santander Bank Case Study - Securely Automated Distribution Process

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Increased efficiency and reduced operation costs.


Santander Bank needed to integrate a broad and complex logistics network for paper currency distribution. The network comprises bank branches, ATMs, stores, bank main depots, the central bank, security transportation companies, and several other partners, including Cash-in-Transit Companies (CIT) that use a range of systems at different stages of maturity.

Operations were very slow and non-secure, relying on highly manual processes that involved hundreds of people, thousands of emails, and many versioned spreadsheets.

Near real-time tracking and monitoring was impossible with the legacy system.


Santander Bank partnered with Digibee to integrate its transport requests, tracking the status of security transport operations across the country in near real time.

The new model streamlines the process, strengthens security, increases efficiency, and reduces operating costs.


Efficiency: Process automation, fewer tools, less resources.
Security: All messages are encrypted end-to-end.
Visibility: Processes are tracked, including intermediate steps, in near real time.
Simplicity: A streamlined implementation involving different systems and protocols.

Why Digibee

• Secure, scalable, reliable platform to support critical bank processes
• Simplified integration of different companies, systems, and protocols
• 24/7 monitoring to automatically identify any problem in the integration workflow, with real-time alerts

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