Digibee Hybrid Integration Platform

Digibee HIP is a platform that connects your company to the digital world with no code.

Integrate applications 10x faster and more efficiently than any other market integration approach.

Welcome to #NoCodeIntegration Revolution.

Using drag and drop functionalities, preset connectors, customized templates and libraries, your developers will create integrations up to 10x faster than they would do manually, releasing your professionals to focus on your business core.

Agile teams benefit from not requiring a specialized group for developing integrations any longer. With Digibee HIP, any team member can create his/her own integrations without depending on third parties, expediting sprint deliveries.

Even business users or those with little technical background can create their own integrations, enabling innovations in the company. Think about it: how many new business possibilities are not being inhibited just because we do not succeed in connecting the points?

We have broken the integration monolith

Our data streams run on a cloud architecture, in containers 100% isolated from each other, assuring maximum performance, safety and availability.

We assure maximum availability. Data streams can be executed in parallel on multiple clouds, in the most effective possible way. The eventual stop of a data stream does not affect the execution of other streams. Even if a data stream fails, the platform restores it in thousands of a second, making the platform virtually indestructible.

Scale it up for billions of transactions. Our data streams scale up to the limit of the cloud. Streams are implanted on demand, and they may increase their flow or go automatically in parallel, using our auto-scaling technology.

Your data secure. With end-to-end encryption, VPN tunnels, sensitive data masking and disposal, we meet the strictest regulations and the main security directives.

End-to-end monitored 24/7 operation

We know that a “bomb” always goes off when you are in production! Digibee HIP features a full operating environment within its platform. We take great care for assuring that our integrations are monitored and managed.

We fully monitor all transactions passing through our pipelines. We know the moment a transaction was started, how long each hop or step took, how long the destination system took for replying. With such information, we can immediately perform a troubleshooting in order to identify the spot where a transaction failed. Digibee HIP stores full logs of all transactions into Elastic Search, except for sensitive or encrypted data.

With a dashboard operating on the platform, you can check the health and the execution of each data stream. Data such as flow, performance and errors are analyzed and combined with other infrastructure metrics.

Integrate it with your tools. By means of your data streams, connect Digibee HIP with your own ticket, management and monitoring tools. You can even use transmitted data in order to sensitize your business metrics.

Digibee Proactive Support. Digibee provides platform support integrated to your own operation. Via our digital channels and public status pages available 24x7, our customers are informed about any problem at the same time our own team is notified, assuring an unmatching support level in the market.

Who has already disentangled

And it's been saving a lot of time and money with Digibee

What are we going to connect today?

Why does Digibee disentangle things

Integrations 10x faster and cheaper

Digibee HIP accelerates and drops costs for integrating systems and connecting external services.

Make your architecture more modern

Our platform works like a “Google” layer over your legacy systems, providing the necessary flexibility and security for launching new products and services.

Automatize your operations

Reduce or eliminate the need for manual operating procedures in your business by directly integrating systems and services.

Connect with your environment

Integrate your operation with your business partners’, exchanging data and information in a secure and reliable way.

Real omnichannel

Have a single view of your customers, assuring that correct information is delivered exactly to whom it must be delivered.

Digital Transformation without ‘blah, blah, blah’

We have a simple and straight path for your digital transformation: assure access to your systems, orchestrate data stream and, finally, create new products and services.

Disentangle your digital transformation

In just 3 steps



and access to legacy



data and process



new product and service

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