Assaí Atacadista automates profit distribution to its workforce with Digibee.

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Digibee provided Giga with an integration solution that after just 30 days of operation, increased online sales tenfold.

Case Study: Giga Atacado

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Project completed in under three months


Online sales increased tenfold in the first 30 days


100% visibility into transactions

The Challenge

  • Founded in 2009, Brazilian retailer Giga Atacado has 10 stores and over 3,000 employees, serving 500,000 customers each month. 

  • Relying on What’sApp to manage online orders, the company was unable to realize its true market potential while limiting its online exposure. 

  • Giga decided to modernize its operation, investing in a VTEX digital commerce platform, and working with Digibee to integrate the new technology with existing infrastructure for a seamless transition to the cloud.


"We needed to launch our new online shopping experience quickly. The Digibee Enterprise Integration platform allowed us to do this."

- Renan Moreno, Senior IT Manager at Giga Atacado

The Objective

  • Integration of the new commerce platform with existing systems that store catalog information, inventory data, and product pricing

  • Optimize data transfer speed to support daily loading of large catalog and frequent (every two minutes) updates

  • Streamline the processing of pick-up orders, integrating customer and order data for a fast and accurate interaction every time

The Plan

  • The Digibee platform was implemented to support integrations between the VTEX commerce application and existing infrastructure that houses Giga catalog information, inventory data, and product pricing. 

  • With online sales assigned to physical stores, each Giga location would be onboarded to the new system individually.

The Outcome

The project took less than three months from planning, design, and implementation.

The first order placed on the platform occurred on May 31, 2021 and Giga has never looked back. After just 30 days in operation, online sales increased tenfold.


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