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Daniel Dias

Technical Sales Director

IT leader with extensive experience in systems development and production support. Recognized for the ability to manage high performance teams and to work in different areas of technology, such as development, innovation, infrastructure and production. Excellence in leading technological innovation projects (artificial intelligence, serverless computing, analytics, blockchain, and DLT) as well as in the maintenance of business-critical environments.

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The Bigger Picture: How Data Analytics Integration with EI Support Retail Demand Forecasting

Digibeeā€™s enterprise integration platform connects your data, allowing data analytics to give a fuller picture of what your customers want next.

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Enterprise Integration Solutions

Why Isn’t Your Integration Platform Helping to Reduce Your IT Backlog?

Is your IT backlog continuing to grow despite your work with an enterprise integration platform? Check out how to address this issue and utilize iPaaS to its fullest potential.

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Enterprise Integration Solutions

How to Define Top Priorities for Integration Strategies

Explore the different types of enterprise integrations and find out how to prioritize strategies that will have the highest impact on your business.

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