Digibee for retail & e-commerce

Deliver a seamless shopping experience and always-accurate data across every channel by integrating systems on Digibee. 

Integrate legacy ERP,  supply chain, and finance solutions with modern cloud applications.

Scale up and down to meet demand automatically on managed Kubernetes containers.

Monitor integrations from your Digibee dashboard, with real-time alerts that stop issues early.

Enable global omnichannel operations

Integrate your on-prem and legacy systems alongside your POS, ecommerce tools, and other cloud apps to access real-time data across every sales channel.

  • Track goods in throughout the supply chain
  • Maintain accurate inventory data
  • Collaborate with suppliers on any system
  • Correctly charge regional taxes and fees

Give customers a seamless experience

Your customers expect to shop the way they want to. Digibee provides a foundation for innovative, connected customer experiences by letting you connect data from any combination of tools shoppers use.

  • Avoid lag times in the checkout process
  • Implement social shopping
  • Allow third-party payment systems
  • Enable cashless payment
  • Send real-time order and support updates

Enable customer 360

Connect with Salesforce, Shopify, and any other platform where customer data lives to get a holistic view of your best customers.

  • Offer personalized recommendations
  • Tailor and optimize communication
  • Build out loyalty and referral programs
  • Improve customer service

“We managed to reduce our order processing time as well as the delivery time to our customers, who started receiving their wines at home in four days instead of two weeks. Digibee was able to solve this by enabling record-speed integrations.”

Hear it from our customers

Payless securely integrated more than 200 stores in 15 countries, all in less than 30 days


Stores in 15 countries seamlessly integrated.


Monitoring to automatically identify any problems with real-time alerts


Days to integrate a secure platform.

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Assaí Atacadista automates profit distribution to its workforce with Digibee.


Less than 2 months to implement - agile and accurate payment calculations occurred in time for next cycle


No more spreadsheets


Elimination of all manual workflows and related human errors

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Bauducco foods migrated 14 legacy systems, ahead of schedule and 30% under budget.


Reduction in time, completing project 4 months ahead of schedule


Reduction of costs, saving $2 million


Systems connected

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See how Digibee transforms retail and e-commerce