Digibee for retail & ecommerce

Stay competitive in a world that expects a seamless omnichannel experience with a scalable integration platform.

Connect easily to new partners, APIs, sales channels, marketplaces, ecosystems, and payment providers.

Extend the value of your legacy POS, ERP, and CRM systems and more with Digibee’s integration platform.

Burn down your backlog by reducing time-consuming integration maintenance work to focus on innovation.

Give customers a seamless experience

Leverage data integration to discover new insights and deliver connected experiences from shopping cart to customer support, improving customer satisfaction and inspiring brand loyalty. Connect ecommerce data from digital storefronts, customer relationship management systems and more. 

  • Enable a complete 360 customer view
  • Make your online business stand out with personalized recommendations
  • Tailor and optimize communication

Integrate the best ecommerce platform for your business

Seamlessly transition to the ecommerce platform that offers the functionality your business needs, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento and more driving profitability. Migrate customer data, connect legacy back end systems, and modern apps without disrupting the customer experience or business processes.

  • Offer customers an online store that stands out from the competition
  • Implement social shopping
  • Integrate the ecommerce solution that moves your business forward

Optimize last mile delivery performance and costs

Streamline delivery operational efficiency and workflows. Reduce costs by fully integrating your supply chain and order management processes from checkout to last mile delivery utilizing real-time integrations and automation.

  • Improve the customer experience from order fulfillment to final delivery
  • Adapt delivery operations in real-time
  • Offer greater visibility across the entire delivery process
Digibee + Retail

Experience matters.

Our all-star success teams offer expertise in retail to help you connect your integration solution to ecommerce software based on your business needs. With 24/7 support and all-inclusive onboarding and training, our experience is your advantage.

“We managed to reduce our order processing time as well as the delivery time to our customers, who started receiving their wines at home in four days instead of two weeks. Digibee was able to solve this by enabling record-speed integrations.”

Hear it from our customers

Payless securely integrated more than 200 stores in 15 countries, all in less than 30 days


Stores in 15 countries seamlessly integrated.


Monitoring to automatically identify any problems with real-time alerts


Days to integrate a secure platform.

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Assaí Atacadista automates profit distribution to its workforce with Digibee.


Less than 2 months to implement - agile and accurate payment calculations occurred in time for next cycle


No more spreadsheets


Elimination of all manual workflows and related human errors

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Bauducco foods migrated 14 legacy systems, ahead of schedule and 30% under budget.


Reduction in time, completing project 4 months ahead of schedule


Reduction of costs, saving $2 million


Systems connected

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See how Digibee transforms retail and the ecommerce business.


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