Digibee for manufacturing &

Connect all the data and processes that power your value chain with a low-code, cloud-native iPaaS.

Integrate legacy ERP, TMS, WMS, and 3PL systems from a simple, low-code interface.

Build a collaborative ecosystem of suppliers and trading partners.

Monitor integration performance from your Digibee dashboard.

Enable global visibility and control

Know exactly where your resources are, track goods through the last mile, and connect data from  legacy ERP, EDI, and other systems your operations rely on.

  • Adopt modern routing and shipping tools
  • Standardize and automate EDI processes
  • Accurately track parts and inventory
  • Gain clarity through the last mile

Connect to suppliers and partners

Integrate suppliers, third-party logistics providers, and partners in collaborative portals or shared systems.

“Because of end-of-life with our current provider, we had to evaluate how integration was being handled at Johnson Brothers. We wanted to improve time to market, reduce complexity, and increase the visibility and reliability of our integration solution. Digibee proved it could check all of those boxes for us.”

Hear it from our customers

Digibee provides the Weir Group with an agile and flexible integration to support critical workflows


All integrations built and running in less than one month


Process tracking in near real-time


Integration roadblocks overcome with a single, simple workflow

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Porto Seguro expedited their proposal and policy generation and doubled their customer base

8 days

automation of manual workflows


issuance of policies


project timeline acceleration

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Bauducco foods migrated 14 legacy systems, ahead of schedule and 30% under budget.


Reduction in time, completing project 4 months ahead of schedule


Reduction of costs, saving $2 million


Systems connected

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