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Connect the real-time data and manufacturing processes that power your value chain with a low-code, born in the cloud iPaaS.

Customer Success

Lowe's successfully transforms shipping logistics

A podcast discussion on Lowe’s successful integration utilizing Digibee’s iPaaS to transform shipping logistics.

Bauducco realizes $2M in savings with a rapid integration

See how Digibee enabled a ERP cloud migration project for Bauducco 4 months ahead of schedule saving $2 million on project costs

Maritime Logistics Case Study: Integrated Supplier Portal with ERP on Schedule

Learn how Digibee integrated a supplier portal with an ERP on schedule – dramatically improving efficiency and end-user experience in the process.

Auto Manufacturer: Integrated Legacy to New System with Zero Downtime

Learn how a large auto manufacturer used Digibee to integrate their legacy Warehouse Management System to new SaaS routing system with zero downtime in this case study.

Blog Posts

Improving and Enabling Manufacturing Efficiency through Integration

Uncover Manufacturing’s three top integration objectives for 2023 in the 2nd annual Digibee survey and learn how Digibee can solve your integration needs.

Top 5 Enterprise Integration Pain Points That Inspire Change

Exploring the top five common integration pain points driving enterprises to make changes for successful outcomes.

Ultimate Guide to Business System Integrations

If you’re struggling with siloed operations and data, a business systems integration can help. Learn more about the benefits and where to start.

What is a Legacy System and Why is Everyone So Worried About Them?

What is a legacy system and how much should you care? Let’s look at the risks, challenges, and benefits associated with legacy technology.

Why Cloud Migration is Key to Industry 4.0 Success

This ebook, pulled from the findings of the 2023 State of Enterprise Integration report, provides insights to help businesses stay ahead of their competitors.

State of Enterprise Integration (SEI) Report for Manufacturing Organizations

This sub-report examines the findings of the 2023 SEI report through a manufacturing industry lens.

How to Choose the Right Integration Solution for Your Manufacturing Organization

Integration is crucial for organizations transitioning to digital-first operations, this practical guide aims to help manufacturers maximize the return on investment of their integrations.

“With Digibee we have reduced both the time and the cost of our integration process by 30%. In addition, we have greatly simplified the landscape of our SAP program and legacy systems.”

Real-time inventory insights

Unlock complete visibility into inventory levels and potential disruptions to deliver continuous improvement and more powerful business process optimization. Connect systems across the entire manufacturing process.

  • Improve forecast accuracy and predictability
  • Deploy automation by leveraging real-time insights
  • Connect all your systems and technologies for complete visibility

Synchronized production control

Leverage real-time integrations to improve decision making and optimize production processes, dynamically responding to changes in market conditions.

  • Build new products and quickly respond to changes in market conditions
  • Ensure traceability across the entire production process
  • Optimize process controls across all of production

Warehouse management modernization

Enable digital transformation in your supply chain management and manufacturing systems by quickly and easily adding any WMS to your systems integrations.

  • Insights from the shop floor to final delivery 
  • Integrate your warehouse operations with your enterprise resource planning solution of choice
  • Accurately track inventory
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