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ERP Cloud Migration for Bauducco – 4 months ahead of schedule, and $2 million savings on project costs


Reduction in time, completing project 4 months ahead of schedule


Reduction of costs, saving $2 million


Systems connected

The Challenge

Bauducco, renowned for its iconic Panettone and expansive retail presence, faced the common challenge of modernizing their technical infrastructure. After relying on the same ERP for 25 years, the need to upgrade and simplify their architecture became critical. It was time to migrate from legacy on-premises SAP ECC to the cloud-based SAP S/4HANA, and it needed to happen in 14 months.

With intricate integrations spanning across 14 legacy applications and various suppliers, the timeline seemed daunting. Even industry giants like Accenture projected an 18-month project duration. Although an iPaaS solution already existed within Bauducco, they lacked the resources to execute these complex integrations in addition to their current workload. Bauducco sought a cloud-native iPaaS which would power the ERP cloud migration with minimal risk and within their tight timeline.

“With Digibee we have reduced both the time and the cost of our integration process by 30%. In addition, we have greatly simplified the landscape of our SAP program and legacy systems.”

– Analy de Magalhães, CIO, Grupo Pandurata (Bauducco)

The Objective

  • Facilitate an ERP migration from SAP legacy version ECC to S/4HANA Cloud
  • Account for the complex integrations that were heavily custom coded, connecting 14 of their other critical legacy business applications with SAP ECC
  • Meet a 14-month project timeline
  • Accomplish with minimal risk and zero downtime

The Plan

Digibee was chosen for the job and led this frictionless migration with SAP S/4HANA Cloud in a few key ways:

  • 6-Step Methodology: this process can be deployed across virtually any combination of technologies that require integration, but SAP migrations are an especially strong fit. SAP migrations are among Digibee’s most commonly implemented projects and represent some of the highest volumes of integrations and transactions, so Bauducco was in good hands. Aligned with SAP’s recommendation, the methodology ensured a smooth migration and implementation.
  • Parallel Execution: Key to the migration was Digibee’s parallel execution strategy. Legacy and modern ERPs ran side by side, erasing the need for a disruptive cut-over. Real-time synchronization of datasets from SAP ECC and S/4HANA Cloud averted downtime concerns. When Bauducco was ready to sunset their legacy ERP, operations ran smoothly, without disruption.
  • Phased Approach: By avoiding the need to re-write extensive custom code from their WMS to SAP S/4HANA Cloud pre-migration, Digibee implemented a phased execution approach, shattering their deadlines and embracing agility.

The Outcome

  • Time Savings: Reduced time to implementation by 30%. With Digibee’s integration expertise, all migration integrations were achieved in just 8 months—4 months ahead of schedule, outpacing Accenture’s time-to-market projection by 125%.
  • Cost Savings: By closing the project earlier, Bauducco saved $2M in project expenses. Additional benefits were realized by Bauducco via  business efficiencies post deployment. Choosing Digibee resulted in an overall 40% savings on the project budget for Bauducco.
  • Risk Mitigation: Zero downtime meant minimal operational risk. According to a Gartner survey, 98% of companies stated the cost of IT downtime ranged from $100,000 to $540,000 per hour, a costly risk for any business. Since real-time data updates and parallel processing were at work, the risk of downtime dissolved. Digibee’s modern architecture empowered integrated transaction monitoring for swift error resolution. Delivering the project ahead of schedule also allowed further testing time, mitigating risk even further. 

Adoption and usage of Digibee’s platform has consistently grown year over year at Bauducco. This initial project changed the entire integration architecture for the enterprise. Digibee’s low-code approach, reusability, and modern architecture reduced the migration timeline from a legacy ERP to SaaS, and continues to accelerate other digital projects within the organization today. 

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