Build faster, run reliably, and monitor comprehensively

Ditch the complexity, accelerate your integration workflows, and streamline the full cycle of your development experience.


Build faster and smarter with a streamlined development experience, AI-powered productivity, and simplified complexity.

  • Integrated development experience: Design, test, and debug in one intuitive UI. Run multiple scenarios and inspect results at every step.
  • AI-powered productivity: Build faster with context-aware code recommendations, AI data transformation, and automated documentation generation.
  • Cut through complexity: Focus purely on your integration logic without the backend headaches. Digibee comes with everything you need so you can just start building: guaranteed message delivery, resource contention-free execution, reusable code Capsules, API-gateway, message broker, and secret vault. Develop more efficiently reducing code and simplifying maintenance.


Digibee ensures integrations perform flawlessly under any conditions. Built to handle dynamic demands effortlessly, Digibee provides a robust environment that supports high-performance and cost-effective solutions.

  • Serverless integrations: Every integration adapts seamlessly to demand. Scale to zero during idle times and dynamically adjust during peak demands without message loss.
  • Fewer incidents: Isolated message processing for customers, pipelines, and concurrent calls, ensures each message receives dedicated resources. This reduces code complexity, incidents from resource contention, and improves performance predictability.
  • Efficient resource utilization and cost optimization: Size your environment based only on the requirements needed for a single message (instead of total concurrent messages) and let Digibee dynamically scale deployments to meet demand. Stop sizing for potential traffic peaks, paying for capacity you don’t need, and start optimizing your resources and costs.


Monitor and troubleshoot integration pipelines across multiple projects and environments from a single, real-time dashboard. Detailed logs are generated for every execution, including request and response pipeline messages.

  • Full visibility: See performance metrics at a glance and quickly drill into detailed logs.
  • Error handling: Classify errors, automate response mechanisms, and configure real-time alerts based on pipeline metrics.
  • Automated workflows: Use pre-built connectors to send data to ticketing systems like JIRA or APM tools like DataDog.

Realign your integration strategy for the future of your business

Modern integration-platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) technology provides solutions traditional on-premises products can’t—simply because they weren’t built that way.

Digibee’s ebook “Does your integration strategy inspire or impede?” examines how businesses can convert existing integration strategies to accelerate innovation, while achieving greater efficiencies and cost-savings now and for the future.


Code reuse simplified

Digibee Capsules enable you to encapsulate code snippets into reusable functions with clear contracts, and effortlessly use them across pipelines. With upcoming features like automated consumer-driven contracts – serving as built-in unit tests – and safe, immediate rollouts of Capsule changes to all dependent pipelines, Digibee Capsules redefine the way you build and evolve your integrations. Running embedded within your integration pipelines, capsules eliminate the need for separate services, providing a secure and efficient way to reuse logic.

Governance built in

Digibee makes governance easy with configurable access and privacy settings, ongoing monitoring, and standardized practices for development and project organization.

  • Audit intervals
  • Storage and archive settings
  • Roles and permissions
  • Identify provider integration
  • Sensitive information masking
  • Organize pipelines in projects
  • Credential vault
  • Segregate environments for test and production

Security at every level

Protect your data and systems with 24×7 monitoring, infrastructure isolation, and other hardened measures. Digibee adheres to the Zero Trust framework, continuously validating access requests so you can maintain modern, distributed organizational workflows. All Pipelines are configurable to accommodate your unique security needs.

  • Secure Kubernetes infrastructure built on top of GKE, EKS or AKS.
  • Included Cloud Provider based WAF/IDS, leading to secure endpoints
  • mTLS endpoints
  • Global policies for security mandates
  • Secure micro services based integration engine that runs completely isolated workloads
  • Data at rest, strong encryption for data in transit and the availability of cryptography components that support known and trusted standards
  • Platform is frequently pen tested by leading security providers

See Digibee's powerful product for yourself.