Salesforce + Digibee

Seamlessly integrate Salesforce with legacy and cloud applications using predefined connectors and an intuitive, low-code integration builder.

Connected customer data

Build personalized customer experiences and integrate data from Salesforce into every workflow.

  • Accelerate automation across marketing, sales, and CS processes
  • Integrate Salesforce with custom applications
  • Migrate from your legacy CRM with zero downtime
  • Connect transaction flows to ERP systems like SAP, Netsuite, and Oracle
  • Enable customer 360° and personalized, real-time experiences

Lower cost and risk

Digibee takes the stress out of even the most complex, custom Salesforce implementations.

  • Develop and test your pipelines in separate environments
  • Experience fewer incidents and faster recovery times
  • Preserve endpoints so legacy systems continue to function as expected
  • Ensure data reliability and consistency at large volumes
  • Maintain control with phased or no cut-off 

Watch us build a pipeline in an on-demand demo: