Transform your architecture

Protect your technology investments while adopting modern, event-driven architecture. Digibee empowers any developer to integrate legacy systems faster.

Connect on-prem and hybrid legacy systems in the cloud.

Automate and streamline your most tedious integration workflows.

Avoid strain on resources with autoscaling, load balancing Kubernetes clusters.

Evolve without the risk

Digibee helps you modernize legacy architecture quickly without exposing you to risk and technical debt.

Connect any application

Enhance your architecture capabilities and give cloud applications secure access to data from legacy solutions like SAP and Oracle.

Safely test and deploy pipelines

Ensure new integrations don’t disrupt your business with separate test and production environments, version control, and automated alerts when errors occur.

Set usage and governance policies

Toggle on and off global controls for access, usage limits, and more. Digibee Capsules allow further standardization across all integrations.

Unblock bottlenecks with low code

No more hiring SAP engineers or refactoring mountains of code. Digibee’s simple but powerful low-code builder can be used by any developer, enabling process automation that can’t be obtained using citizen developer tools.

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