Integrate at the speed of your business

Not the speed of your legacy systems


SAP Integrations

Integrate your legacy SAP ERP to S/4HANA in record time at reduced cost

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Integrate at the speed of your business

Not the speed of your legacy systems


Recommended by the SAP Store

Digibee is available on the SAP Store. The SAP Store operational recommendations for Digibee eiPaaS include:

  • Service levels
  • Auditable logging and tracing to aid in debugging and troubleshooting
  • Performance levels of 99.9% or greater
  • Data lifecycle management standards
  • Support levels and turnarounds
  • High availability and disaster recovery
  • Multi-tenant solution with full isolation and encryption
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Eliminate manual input & data errors with improved integration

Bauducco partnered with Digibee to migrate from its legacy ERP system to SAP S4/HANA. The company integrated over 14 legacy systems with the new SAP platform with no costly customization work. The upgraded environment supports the elimination of manual input and data errors while improving Bauducco’s time to market.

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Digibee’s modern integration architecture & six-steps

Architecture and methodology that enables SAP integrations of any scale and size.

Our connector architecture supports more than 550 different technologies and popular applications including SAP, Totvs, Oracle, Salesforce, ServiceNow and many others.


Expose legacy ERP Services


S/4HANA setup with mocked APIs


Synchronized SAP ECC datasets with S/4HANA


Replicate satellite systems integration


Workload synchronization


Parallel execution

Digibee Platform

The Digibee platform is based on three simple pillars:

Low Code

Simplicity through abstraction using a specifications-driven approach.

Cloud Native

Work efficiently at scale with high availability and self-healing.

Full Lifecycle

Support a build-run-operate lifecycle with modern integration architecture.

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