Our not-so-secret sauce
Features and capabilities

Stop worrying about scalability, reliability, API versioning, and event-driven architecture complexity. Digibee abstracts away all of this for you so you can focus on delivering integrations faster.



Faster project delivery — much faster!

Design, test, and debug in one intuitive UI

Run multiple scenarios, inspect results at every step, and invoke workflows directly from the same interface.

Automated documentation

AI dynamically generates and updates your workflow documentation as you build, ensuring your records are always current.

AI workflow generation

Auto-generate entire integration workflows from natural text, transforming your instructions into actionable workflows.

Best next step AI suggestions

Context-aware suggestions of the most likely next workflow component, streamlining the drag-and-drop process and enhancing your efficiency.

AI data mapping

Automap from examples, schemas, or live-data inspections, reducing the time spent on manual data mapping. (Coming soon)

AI-assisted knowledgebase Q&A

Access a 24/7 helpdesk powered by AI and human expertise, providing instant support and answers.

Connector Library

Quickly connect to any application or service with an extensive library of pre-built connectors.

Smart connector

Build workflows seamlessly without navigating the component palette, accelerating the development process.

Compilation-free integration

No source code, no binary, no compilation. Workflow definitions are JSON files that are versioned and can be integrated with any CI/CD system through our CLI.

Secured cloud and on-prem connection

Ensure secure connections with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and VPNs, whether on-premises or in the cloud.

Comprehensive observability

Monitor and troubleshoot workflows across projects from a single, real-time dashboard, providing a holistic view of your operations.

Sensitive data masking policy

Automatically mask sensitive data to effortlessly comply with privacy policies and regulations.

API Gateway

Manage and secure your APIs with an integrated gateway, streamlining API administration.

Queue Manager

Efficiently handle message queues to ensure smooth and reliable data flow.

Event Broker

Facilitate event-driven architectures with a robust event broker, enhancing system responsiveness.

Load Balancer

Optimize resource utilization and ensure high availability with an integrated load balancer.

Password Vault

Securely store and manage credentials with a built-in password vault, ensuring only authorized access.


Reuse Simplified

Reuse that meets your needs, not the other way around

Functions (called Capsules)

Transform workflows into modular, reusable functions called Capsules that can be utilized in any workflow without the full API lifecycle.


Automatically generate API scaffolding to quickly implement new APIs. Accelerate development with a ready-made structure for your API, ensuring consistency and saving time on manual setup.

Change impact analysis

Automated consumer-driven tests and change impact analysis will soon be available, allowing you to evolve your Capsules with confidence, knowing that any potential impacts on consumers are identified and managed proactively.

Code or compose APIs and Group APIs

Capsules offer an alternative to traditional APIs when the full API lifecycle is overkill. They provide reusability, decoupling, contracts, immediate rollouts, and fewer versioning issues. For cases where traditional APIs are the best fit, create APIs by grouping Capsules, or decompose an API specification into individual Capsules. Digibee supports both assembling and disassembling APIs, offering the modularity of Capsules and the capabilities of traditional APIs.


Stop thinking about topic names and messages. Every workflow is event-based, abstracting the complexities of message brokers and topic management. Invoke any workflow, regardless of its trigger, as if it were a function and let Digibee handle the underlying event-driven communication. Focus on the logic that matters most, while keeping your code clean, intuitive, and simple.

Immediate rollouts

Deploy Capsule changes instantly and safely to all dependent workflows without the need for updates or redeployment, ensuring seamless and continuous operation.

Governance policies

Implement and enforce governance policies across your workflows to ensure compliance, security, and best practices. This feature allows you to standardize processes, manage permissions, and maintain control over your integrations with ease.

Less overhead

Capsules run embedded within workflows, eliminating the need for separate services. This approach reduces resource consumption and operational complexity, resulting in more efficient and streamlined processes.


Integrate your preferred API management tools with our platform, giving you the flexibility to manage your APIs in a way that best suits your existing processes and infrastructure.


Reduce your cloud spend

Cost-effective and efficient

Consumption based pricing

Pay only for what you use with a flexible pricing model that aligns with your actual consumption, ensuring cost efficiency.

All infrastructure included

Enjoy a comprehensive solution where all necessary infrastructure is provided, reducing the need for additional investments and simplifying management.


Seamlessly integrate and operate across multiple cloud providers, optimizing your cloud strategy for performance and cost.

No over-sizing

Avoid the pitfalls of over-provisioning with right-sized infrastructure that scales according to your needs, eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Flexible load peak processing

Efficiently handle load peaks by either scaling up resources or queuing tasks, ensuring optimal performance during high demand periods.


Automatically scale down to zero when there is no demand, eliminating costs associated with idle resources and maximizing cost savings.


Fail-safe workflows

Zero-operations, really

Protection for resource contention

Each message is processed in its own isolated container with dedicated resources, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted operations without manual intervention.

Guaranteed message processing

Workflows come with built-in mechanisms to ensure every message is processed reliably and accurately, maintaining the integrity and consistency of your operations.

Reuse isolation

Prevent traffic from one consumer impacting another with isolated containers for reusable workflows. This built-in feature addresses potential issues, reducing the need for complex message prioritization and debugging.

Elastic scalability

Digibee queues every message automatically and adjusts resources dynamically to meet varying demand levels, providing consistent performance without manual configuration.

Managed integration infrastructure

Enjoy fully managed infrastructure that handles all aspects of integration, so you can focus on building and optimizing workflows without worrying about the underlying setup.

Multi-layer security

High security standards are pre-configured with infrastructure isolation, Zero Trust adherence, WAF/IDS, mTLS endpoints, and strong encryption for data at rest and in transit, ensuring your workflows are secure by default.

Predictable performance

Every message is processed in isolated containers with dedicated resources, guaranteeing consistent and reliable performance across all workflows without the need for manual tuning.

Automated governance policies

Governance policies are built into the workflows automatically, ensuring compliance and best practices are maintained without requiring manual setup.

Automatic updates without maintenance windows

Benefit from seamless, uninterrupted updates due to the serverless nature of the platform, eliminating the need for maintenance windows and ensuring continuous operation.

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“Digibee is heads and tails above the competition. Integrations are faster to develop in Digibee. The support is far superior. I wish Digibee was better known, this tool is the best, it should be used by more.”

Digibee’s platform is notable for its development agility. With an agile and efficient team, new functionalities and improvements are implemented quickly, allowing a continuous and dynamic integration experience for users.”

“We’ve done system integrations in months that would take a year or two to develop and implement. Not only is the technology great, but the Digibee team is fantastic. They definitely made the difference in our results.”

“Digibee has powerful features to integrate various systems and technologies. Our development team doesn’t have to worry about the technological aspects, its focus is only on the business problem that will be solved.”

See firsthand how Digibee supports modern, event-driven architecture.