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Digibee's expert support removes the risk and stress of implementing and managing enterprise integration projects, enabling our customers to focus on innovation.

Self-sufficiency with self-service

We enable our customers to achieve self-sufficiency with robust training, delivery programs, resources, documentation and guidance, status monitoring, and more.

Digibee Web Portal

Visit this platform to build, test, deploy, and monitor pipelines.

Documentation Portal

Get guidance on Platform features, functionality and programs.

Digibee Academy

Learn at your own pace with 100% online and recorded lessons. Create your account and learn about our foundations, operations, and other miscellaneous courses.

Status Page

Check the current and historical status of the Platform. Subscribe to receive update messages or use API to integrate with your monitoring systems.

Help Center

Search articles in our knowledge base for guidance and technical information on using the Platform.

Demos & Tutorials

View how-to videos, demos, customer case studies and more on our YouTube channel.

What our customers are saying

“Digibee is heads and tails above the competition. Integrations are faster to develop in Digibee. The support is far superior. I wish Digibee was better known, this tool is the best, it should be used by more.”

“The partnership between Digibee professionals is exceptional, offering agile and efficient support to ensure continued success.”

“Exemplary support…the support team acts promptly, providing effective solutions and minimizing any negative impact on operations.

“The support from the product team is very efficient, with quick responses via chat.”

“The Digibee support team is also fantastic, serving us quickly and assertively.

Reliable technical support

Digibee’s expert global Technical Support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year to deliver rapid response times enabling fast resolutions to minimize impact and business disruptions. Issues are triaged by priority level (critical, high, medium, and low), with all support levels receiving a timely first response.

  • Available via email, web, chat, or phone
  • Asynchronous, real-time messaging
  • Get technical guidance, training, and assistance with edits fixes
  • Report errors and bugs
  • Share feedback and request features


Powerful training delivery

Digibee empowers our customers to achieve self-sufficiency through robust resources and training delivery.

  • Learn at your own pace with 100% online and recorded lessons and courses.
  • Improve your skills with instructor-led or self-paced bootcamps.
  • Expand your knowledge of more complex integration use cases with our Foundations Workshops.

Tutorials: Let's get started

Platform Overview - Integration Demo Series

Build Canvas Overview - Integration Demo Series

Run Environment Overview - Integration Demo Series

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