Why Choose Digibee?

Streamline your integration projects, reduce time spent on incidents, and enhance cost efficiency with Digibee so you can focus on strategic innovations that drive business growth.

Simplify your API-driven architecture with Digibee Capsules

Streamline your integration strategy with Digibee Capsules, merging the simplicity of individual functions with the power of full APIs. Streamline development, cut operational costs, and speed up deployment.

  • Enhanced reusability: Capsules transform workflows into reusable code libraries. Embed them directly into workflows or expose them as services only when needed, significantly reducing the need for new services and API lifecycle management, thus speeding up reuse and minimizing overhead.
  • Build APIs: Harness the modularity of Capsules alongside the robust capabilities of traditional APIs to increase velocity and agility without compromises.
  • AI-guided discoverability: Accelerate discoverability and reuse with Digibee’s AI. Our context-aware system intelligently suggests the most appropriate Capsules during workflow design based on specific logic and payload, enabling rapid integration.
  • Efficient version management and deployment: Evolve Capsules without creating new versions. Smart detection assesses and minimizes client impact. Distribute updates seamlessly across all instances to keep systems current with zero manual intervention or complex rollout strategies.

Accelerate project delivery with AI-enhanced tools

Speed up workflow creation using Digibee’s advanced tools and infrastructure, designed to maximize efficiency and minimize routine tasks.

  • Automated documentation: Ensure compliance, quick onboarding, and reduced maintenance risks as Digibee’s AI streamlines documentation, allowing developers to focus more on coding and less on administrative tasks.
  • AI-guided development: Fast-track your development with AI-driven data transformations and context-aware coding recommendations, cutting down decision-making time significantly.
  • Digital assistant: Tap into a digital assistant trained on an extensive knowledge base and numerous use cases. This assistant swiftly resolves development challenges, maintaining project momentum.
  • Integrated infrastructure: Access a fully equipped infrastructure suite, including message brokers, API gateways, secret vaults, and monitoring tools, designed to support secure, event-based, API-based, and function-based architectures efficiently.

Cut incidents and operations costs

Effortlessly manage workflows with Digibee’s Zero-Operations capability, boosting reliability and scalability. Focus on driving innovation rather than managing infrastructure.

  • Ephemeral execution model: Workflows are activated only when needed and terminate post-execution, maximizing resource efficiency and eliminating ongoing maintenance.
  • Seamless updates and deployments: Apply updates to applications, Capsules, and technology stacks seamlessly, ensuring continuous improvement without downtime or manual efforts.
  • Elastic scalability: Automatically adjust capacity with serverless workflows that scale according to demand, supporting your growth effortlessly.
  • Isolated execution for predictable performance: Each request executes in a dedicated environment, preventing performance dips from demand surges in other areas, crucial for maintaining consistent reliability in composable architectures.

Eliminate waste

Pay only for the resources you actually use.

  • Consumption-based pricing: Pay only for active resource use. Our scale-to-zero feature ensures you’re never billed for idle infrastructure.
  • Avoid over-provisioning: Execute every workflow request in a Docker container precisely sized for that request’s payload, preventing the need to over-provision for peak demand and optimizing resource use.
  • No special skills required: Enable any developer to efficiently build workflows without specialized training, significantly reducing training costs and accelerating project timelines.

Success stories by business result

Simplify development, operations, and adoption

Accelerate implementation and deployment

Adjust resources and capacity in real time

50% estimated annual savings

In avoided infrastructure and development costs per integration with the implementation of Digibee

40% cost reduction

Enabled through a cloud migration from a 25 year old legacy on premises ERP system

200 stores

In 15 countries integrated a secure e-commerce platform in less than 30 days

75% savings

On combined staffing and licensing costs compared to legacy integration solution

70% faster

Time to market enabled through modern integrations connecting over 20 mission critical systems

40 critical systems

Fully integrated, replacing legacy solutions in less than 8 months

“Digibee has powerful features to integrate various systems and technologies. Our development team doesn’t have to worry about the technological aspects, its focus is only on the business problem that will be solved.”

“We’ve done system integrations in months that would take a year or two to develop and implement. Not only is the technology great, but the Digibee team is fantastic. They definitely made the difference in our results.”

Digibee’s platform is notable for its development agility. With an agile and efficient team, new functionalities and improvements are implemented quickly, allowing a continuous and dynamic integration experience for users.”

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