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Digibee Secures $60 million in Series B Funding Round

Digibee’s cofounders announce securing $60 million in Series B funding for Digibee to continue focusing on growth and expansion in the US and to enable further success in Latin America.

June 7, 2023

On behalf of my co-founders Peter Kreslins and Vitor Sousa I am very pleased to share the news of our Series B funding round. This round brought $60 million in additional funding to Digibee, bringing our total funding to date to well over $90 million. This funding indicates a very clear endorsement of our product, strategy and our future.

Every organization is consumed with multiple digital transformation initiatives because every organization is working very hard to stay ahead of the curve in this very challenging business climate. At Digibee, we know that the value of digital transformation initiatives is at the point of integration. There is no single software system that can in and of itself achieve transformative realities. Rather, it is the combination of multiple software systems, data sources and processes that drive differentiation and transformation.

Digibee provides a very short ramp time for software engineers and we open the pool of available resources substantially, extending well beyond the small team of integration developers or expensive and hard to procure outsourced resources legacy vendors rely on.

As proud as we are of our platform and our supporting methodologies, we know we can make improvements. The funding secured in this round will allow us to invest substantially in our product so that Digibee can continue to innovate and anticipate customer requirements. The pace of change in enterprise software is quickening and we are committed to continuing to ride that wave.

Digibee will also leverage this funding round to invest more deeply in our ability to serve all of our geographies but intensively so in the US. The US integration market is ripe for disruption and is full of organizations that constantly push the envelope of enterprise software. We at Digibee want to continue to be pushed by these innovative organizations; we think we are better for it.

It is an amazing challenge to work in a market that saw 37% growth last year. Peter, Vitor and the entire Digibee team are very appreciative of the confidence that our investors…prior and new…have placed in us and we are so excited to continue to work with our customers to help achieve transformational excellence.


Rodrigo Bernardinelli

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