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Digibee’s iPaaS: Changing the Way the World Does Integrations

Learn how Digibee’s unique iPaaS solution can support your crucial digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives.

August 17, 2023

More and more enterprises are prioritizing digital transformation and cloud migration initiatives to modernize their operations. That’s when adopting an integration strategy becomes crucial. However, finding the right integration tool can be daunting. 

In 2023, Digibee surveyed over 1,000 enterprise IT professionals to provide insights into their integration patterns, challenges, and opportunities. The report found an astounding 98% of existing integrations need to be rebuilt. In addition, traditional integration platforms are expensive, complex, and come with complicated onboarding processes, forcing enterprises to hire specialized resources or spend time certifying their existing workforce while their other strategic projects build up. That all changes with Digibee.

The Digibee Difference

Digibee’s modern iPaaS is revolutionizing the integration landscape, delivering integrations up to 75% faster than traditional solutions. Our integration platform is reliable, scalable and customizable, giving enterprises agility without compromising on quality or adding technical debt. Here’s what makes Digibee different:

  • Cloud-native without the limitations that slow down traditional legacy iPaaS platforms.
  • Empowers all software engineers to build integrations without requiring specialized resources or certifications.
  • Onboarding, training and support are included in our subscription with no additional costs.
  • No unwanted downtime or annoying rebuilds. We can meet even the most aggressive timelines.

Talk to Our Team to Really Get to Know our iPaaS

This highlight of our innovative iPaaS only scratches the surface of what Digibee can do for your enterprise. Book your choice of a 15-minute discovery call, 30-minute custom demo, or a 60-minute deep dive with our team and see for yourself how Digibee can save you time, money, resources, and accelerate your crucial integration project. 

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Why Digibee

Most integration platforms require specialized skillsets and long, expensive implementations. Digibee’s low-code integration builder, built-in management and monitoring, and reusable components speed up innovation and agility in your integration workflows.

Digibee Pricing

Digibee’s simple and straightforward pricing gives you access to support and expert services, removing the risk and stress from enterprise integration projects.

State of Enterprise Integration Report

Digibee’s 2nd annual State of Enterprise Integration report details the opinions and future strategies, as told by more than 1,000 IT and development professionals, on the topic of integration.