Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Matt Durham, Head of Strategy

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September 22, 2023

He’s a fitness enthusiast, a dedicated volunteer, a rock music devotee, a patron of the arts, a dog-lover, and a family man. Meet our hard-working, passionate, strategy guru, Matt Durham. Read on to hear about his journey to Digibee and his future plans as Head of Strategy. 

Why Digibee?

Matt’s decision to join Digibee was driven by two main factors: the challenges that Digibee’s iPaaS could address in the integration space and his faith in the leadership team. He was introduced to Digibee through a former Gartner analyst. Drawing from his extensive 23+ years of experience in integration, he immediately understood the company’s goals and saw an opportunity to translate those goals to help achieve market success. 

Throughout the interview process, Matt felt a strong connection with Digibee’s leadership team, particularly with CTO and co-founder, Peter Kreslins. He was confident joining Digibee would allow him to thrive professionally, leveraging his holistic perspective on the market, while engaging in meaningful work that he’d enjoy.

Additionally, Matt recognized Digibee’s commitment to becoming a truly global company. With a focus on penetrating the often overlooked Latin American (LatAM) market, he was really interested in the unique opportunity to make strategic decisions to further Digibee’s growth in LatAM and beyond. Growing up in a military family, Matt experienced different cultures from a young age. It led to his undergraduate studies in anthropology and graduate studies in international relations as well as international roles early in his career. Due to these experiences, Matt possesses a deep awareness and appreciation for diversity and cultures. This background has been instrumental in his career and equips him with a natural ability to operate on a global scale.

Life at Digibee

Matt has transitioned to the start-up culture after a career primarily with large companies. Despite being a new adventure for him, Matt is enthusiastic about the opportunity to build something new and different. In his six months at Digibee, he has dedicated ample time to refining the company’s messaging and positioning, identifying the ideal customer profile, and providing internal education. His contributions have already had a significant impact on Digibee’s organizational strategy. 

Matt’s day-to-day function spans from product marketing, sales enablement, analyst relations, and public relations to determining the intersection of Digibee’s product to our go-to-market strategy. He thrives on collaborating and contributing across multiple functional areas. 

Having worked closely with public relations in analyst relation roles throughout his career, Matt has been comfortable filling that gap for Digibee. He firmly believes that analyst vendors, like Gartner, have unique offerings that companies should utilize to gain insights into the market, accelerate growth, and expand their services. Matt commented, “our industry is unique that we have a vendor like Gartner. Every vendor is speaking to their customers and prospects, but, Gartner is speaking to everyone. They are in a unique position with that scale of access.” Matt has always tried to leverage that research for his employer and his role, finding that to be a valuable and important aspect of his career successes. 

Matt is really enjoying settling into all things Digibee. The biggest challenge he faces is having enough time to accomplish everything he wants to. Being tapped into many different facets across the organization, he collectively sees all the work that needs to be done. This role marks his first time working for a company striving toward gaining more brand recognition in the US. He is enjoying the challenge, but it’s a new equation for him to understand. Matt anticipates the breakthrough will come soon – when customers will start seeking out Digibee – rather than us having to educate prospects about our offerings.  

The Future Ahead

With our exceptional iPaaS (integration platform-as-a-service), Matt firmly believes Digibee’s future includes revolutionizing the integration space. He also envisions Digibee could be a pioneer for other Brazilian-founded software companies to scale globally. Matt is looking forward to witnessing those achievements come to fruition.  

Digibee’s iPaaS is already challenging industry standards for integration delivery. Our unique pricing model, which includes customer support, our efficient platform that minimizes costly downtime and eliminates the need for rebuilding, and our outstanding onboarding process that empowers developers without requiring specialized certifications, are all game-changers in the industry. Matt is especially passionate about serving the developer/software engineering community, recognizing that despite being a crucial part of the enterprise market, this community hasn’t received adequate attention. Over his extensive career in the integration market, Matt has seen the transformative impact of disruptive technology, and he is excited about being a part of the revolutionary change this time with Digibee.

Balancing Work & Life at Digibee

Matt is an extremely driven, hard-working professional, but when he finishes his workday, he has various ways to relax, unwind, or devote himself to other things. He and his wife are “empty-nesters-in-training” as their two adult daughters pursue their own paths in college and work. They are making the most of their new free time by exploring the vibrant offerings in Washington D.C., attending rock concerts and theater performances at The Kennedy Center, and enjoying exceptional dining experiences at local restaurants. 

Matt is also passionate about fitness. Whether it be running, working out, or taking long walks with his favorite frisbee-lover, Hazel (warning: extreme cuteness pictured below). Hazel, a sweet cur-mix rescue dog, is a steady office-mate and loyal companion. She has regular cameos behind Matt during meetings!


Matt has an extensive background in government work and volunteering, having been involved at all levels, including local, county, state, and national/federal. Currently, he holds a significant role as Chair of  the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Common-Interest Community Board. A governor-appointed role, the board is responsible for regulating the industry that manages common-interest communities. Despite the substantial commitment, Matt feels grateful and honored to contribute his relevant experience to serve both the board and his community.

At Digibee, we have a team of incredible individuals working together to bring our innovative enterprise integration solution forward in the US and globally. It was a pleasure talking to one of our newer “Digibees,” the amazing Matt Durham, about his current and future work at Digibee. Keep reading our employee highlights to learn more about this amazing team of people working to make Digibee’s mission possible.

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