How Integration Capsules Accelerate Digital Transformation

Digibee’s low-code integration platform and capsules offer pre-packaged business logic that can be reused, eliminating the need to rebuild each integration from scratch.

January 26, 2023

Is outdated technology holding back your digital transformation efforts? You’ve probably heard that integration solutions can help modernize legacy architecture, but which one is right for you, and how can you minimize integration costs and disruptions to your operations? In this post, we’ll explore reusable integration capsules and how Digibee uses them to make integration simple and efficient.

Many organizations are moving toward IT system integration as a way to modernize their enterprise, accelerate digital transformation, improve business processes and achieve better results from their digital transformation strategy.

According to the 2022 State of Enterprise Integration report by Digibee, 93% of respondents say enterprise integration should be part of their business strategy. In another Digibee resource on integration strategy, Gartner states that by 2025, more than 75% of midsize, large and global organizations will establish integration strategy empowerment teams to support collaborative integration.

As more companies go down the road toward enterprise integration, however, business leaders are quickly realizing the complexity of the undertaking. Let’s face it: building an integration solution from scratch is a big commitment.

Digital Transformation Challenges

IT system integrations can take significant time, resources, specific skill sets, training, certification, and perhaps the biggest consideration: budget. In the Digibee report, 36% of enterprise IT professionals rank budget as the biggest concern when considering an integration strategy. There are also several other concerns that business leaders fear could impede their integration strategies, including security, complexity, lack of skills, and complications from legacy systems.

SEI_eiPaaS-concerns-percentages-graphicSource: The State of Enterprise Integration report by Digibee, 2022.

An integration project can encompass a variety of different protocols and technologies. These may include enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, customer relationship management (CRM) systems, mainframes, cloud services, relational and non-relational databases, as well as a host of other considerations. Depending on your company’s technical maturity level, the use of an external application programming interface (API) can also cause friction and additional difficulties during the integration process. On top of that, most companies that build integration solutions from scratch must continually rebuild one-off integration projects to keep the business growing.


Number of Integrations that had to be rebuilt:

rebuilt-integrations-breakdownSource: The State of Enterprise Integration report by Digibee, 2022.

With all of these complications, you might be scratching your head and asking the question: isn’t the goal of an IT integration strategy to make things quicker, simpler and easier? The answer is yes, and there is a way to achieve that with technology from Digibee.

Digibee Capsules Make Integration Easier

Digibee Capsules are validated reusable components that can be created by any platform user to safely save time, effort, and money during your system integration. Using Capsules with Digibee’s low-code platform provides pre-packaged business logic that precludes the need to rebuild each integration from scratch.

Capsules make it easy for you to modernize IT operations by streamlining, standardizing and documenting your interactions with partners and clients. The Capsules provide ready-to-use, tested, and validated integration sets that can be reused in multiple ways internally and externally. Your organization can define and document all of the parameters, data flows, and business processes inside the context of your integration project because the Capsules can be built by your own developers (or by Digibee if that’s better for your business). The Capsules can then be used by multiple partners or clients simultaneously, without allowing changes that could disrupt the entire ecosystem, which ensures data quality and security.

How Capsules Work With enterprise iPaaS Solutions

An enterprise integration platform as a service (enterprise iPaaS, or eiPaaS) solution is a scalable subscription-based service that bridges the gap between your current systems and new technologies, regardless of underlying silos or legacy infrastructure. 

According to Gartner, an enterprise iPaaS or eiPaaS solution can provide multiple technology integration scenarios with high availability and efficient functionality. So, it’s understandable why a growing number of business leaders are considering an eiPaaS solution rather than continuing to build – and rebuild – internal solutions.

Digibee Capsules can be used with the low-code Digibee eiPaaS to create secure and scalable integrations with ongoing reliable performance between cloud-based and local systems. The Digibee eiPaaS allows you to scale business operations using existing architecture and cloud-native technology, taking advantage of Kubernetes for efficient integrations.

Best of all, Digibee Capsules are reusable, enabling developers of all levels to easily leverage work the team has already done.

For example, a capsule is created to support an integration between your customer relationship management (CRM) system and your SAP ERP, a system that must connect with a range of databases and data points. Instead of rebuilding each integration from scratch, your developer team can re-use the Digibee Capsule to support all of these integrations, saving significant time and resources.

For most common scenarios, Digibee already has capsules built that can be applied (like the scenario above). And if you need to make a change to that capsule for any reason, you make it once and it’s applied to all the pipelines of which it is a part. This substantially reduces time and complexity for your development team.   

Having the ability to reuse Digibee Capsules for critical components of your eiPaaS integration projects will help alleviate the pain points of your integration strategy by simplifying complexity, ensuring data security, working with your current resources and employee skill sets, and ultimately saving your business significant time and money.

The Benefits of Digibee Capsules

In addition to simplifying your enterprise integration strategy, Digibee Capsules have several other capabilities that could benefit your business:

Reduce time and effort of integration

  • Reusable and ready-made workflows accelerate time to value for integration projects.

Standardize integration workflows

  • Business process standardization and integration leads to more functional workflows, better version control, streamlined business methods and secure, standardized processes.

Eliminate need for developer portal

  • With a reusable Capsule, there is no need to create or maintain a portal with the documentation to consume APIs because the reusable functionality is already incorporated into the Capsule.

Improve security

  • Well-designed integration Capsules with thoroughly-tested security features improve data security for your organization

Increase revenue

  • Integration projects based on Capsules have more advanced chronograms and take advantage of those patterns to capitalize faster for quicker return on investment (ROI).

Securely scale business and your future growth with Digibee

Don’t let outdated technology hold your business back. Accelerate digital transformation and your company’s success with the help of Digibee Capsules and Digibee’s scalable eiPaaS solution. Digibee can reliably support and accelerate your digital transformation strategy and your business as it grows into the future.

To learn more about reusable integration capsules and how Digibee uses them to help you integrate with zero downtime, take the Digibee Challenge. Give us the integration project that you can’t get to until next year, but you need next quarter – and we’ll show you the Digibee difference by next week.

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