How to Reduce the Time and Cost of Your IT Integrations

Are your dreams of dollar signs turning into nightmares as you watch your cumbersome IT integration projects drag on for months (or what seems like years)? You may have initially thought a traditional integration solution such... Read more »...

May 1, 2023

Are your dreams of dollar signs turning into nightmares as you watch your cumbersome IT integration projects drag on for months (or what seems like years)?

You may have initially thought a traditional integration solution such as MuleSoft by Salesforce was the silver bullet that would solve all of your IT issues, but now you’re realizing that you may have missed the mark by partnering with a sole integration

Traditional integration solutions might seem to make the most sense, especially if you have an existing partnership, but as time and your budget both wane, it might be time to consider other options. If you decide to look in another direction, you wouldn’t be alone. Many customers have already reported being dissatisfied with the complex pricing scheme of traditional integration solutions such as MuleSoft.

These types of integration systems like MuleSoft can have some other costly downsides that you might not have considered, such as:

  •     The high cost to deploy and maintain the solution
  •     Costly and time-consuming training and developer certifications
  •     Ongoing complexity that requires broader skill sets (and higher pay scales)

Even if you have already invested in a traditional solution like MuleSoft, you can still reduce your ongoing integration costs and address many of the shortfalls of your current integration with help from Digibee. Here’s how.

How Digibee Can Reduce IT Costs and Acquisition Risks      

With Digibee, you don’t need to worry about delivery risks and high up-front integration costs. Digibee’s simple way to get started reduces delivery risks and the total cost of ownership for your IT integration.

First: They build, you watch. Digibee Integration Squad members get started and do all the work, and you don’t have to lift a finger. The only thing you need to do at this stage is share the data flow and help Digibee connect to data sources. That’s it. No risk, no cost.

Next: You make the final decision. After Digibee completes the enterprise integration with your team’s help, you get to choose whether or not to move forward with the deployment to production and the subscription. It’s a low-risk decision where you have complete control over the success and outcome of the project. If you choose to move forward, the enterprise integration is deployed into production and the subscription starts. If you say no, the subscription is canceled, with no payment and no acquisition risk to your company.

Cost Comparison: Save Time and Money with Digibee

Not all enterprise integration solutions are created equal. According to the Digibee paper, 5 (+1) Reasons to Choose a Modern Integration Solution, Digibee’s innovative eiPaaS offers some benefits that traditional providers just can’t match. Even Forrester states that Digibee provides a significant positive financial impact in a relatively short period of time, in the Forrester report, The Total Economic Impact™ Of Digibee’s Enterprise Integration Platform As A Service (eiPaaS).

Digibee has competitive pricing and benefits when compared with all types of integration solutions, but Digibee really stands out from the crowd when it comes to integration platform-as-a-service pricing (iPaaS pricing) with subscription simplicity, faster time to value, and total cost of ownership.

{% icon icon_set=”fontawesome-5.14.0″ name=”Check” style=”SOLID” height=”26″ purpose=”decorative” title=”Check icon” %}  Subscription Simplicity

More established integration providers have complex pricing models that often have extra hidden charges for training, developer certification, support, maintenance, or additional connections. With Digibee’s transparent pricing model, there are no unexpected surprises or hidden fees.

{% icon icon_set=”fontawesome-5.14.0″ name=”Clock” style=”SOLID” height=”26″ purpose=”decorative” title=”Clock icon” %}  Faster Time to Value

Digibee’s intuitive, ready-to-use low-code platform reduces your time to market by 70%, so you can complete integration projects in weeks instead of months or years. Just think of the IT cost reduction if you can build integrations up to 10 times faster using Digibee’s low code platform.

{% icon icon_set=”fontawesome-5.14.0″ name=”Dollar Sign” style=”SOLID” height=”26″ purpose=”decorative” title=”Dollar Sign icon” %}  Lower Total Cost of Ownership

On average, the overall cost of Digibee’s iPaaS pricing is almost 50% lower than other integration solutions, and Digibee includes up to five times more production pipelines compared to other providers.

Total Economic Impact of Digibee

Implementing Digibee’s enterprise integration platform as a service (eiPaaS) can provide significant financial benefits to your company ­– but you don’t have to take our word for it – just see some of the results that customers are experiencing with Digibee solutions. Digibee’s report states that through customer interviews and data aggregation, Forrester concluded that Digibee’s eiPaaS has the following financial impact over three years.

Increased developer efficiencies 



Reduced IT labor costs



Increased business user efficiencies



Revenue from faster time to market



Savings for a hypothetical company with 20,000 employees, 6 developers, and annual revenue of $5B
Source: 5 (+1) Reasons to Choose a Modern Integration Solution, Digibee, 2023

Many customers are quickly realizing the platform ROI and other financial benefits of working with Digibee. “Digibee not only helps us reduce costs, it enables us to bring more customers and more revenue to the company,” said a senior manager of cloud enablement at a telecom company that saw significant results.

Net Present Value 


Payback period



<6 months

Source: 5 (+1) Reasons to Choose a Modern Integration Solution, Digibee, 2023

The Digibee Difference


Read the Digibee resource, 5 (+1) Reasons to Choose a Modern Integration Solution to learn more about how to save time and money on your IT integration. Discover all the benefits of Digibee’s modern cloud integration platform, including detailed comparisons between traditional integration models and Digibee’s enterprise iPaaS solution. Do a cost savings analysis for your business and try it out for yourself to experience the Digibee difference.

For more information, read Digibee’s customer success stories, or contact Digibee to book a demo.

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