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Why Digibee is Right for Your Organization

An overview of what you can expect from a demo with our team. When given the chance to show our potential value, most organizations choose to partner with us.

Do you agree with these statements?

  • You get a lot of offers to evaluate technology products and services
  • When you’re invited to demo a product, the invitation is usually vague at best
  • Digibee probably hasn’t been on your radar for very long
  • You can’t afford to waste time

To save you time and to best show you how Digibee can accelerate your integration strategy, learn more about what you can expect from our sales team and solution architects as you explore Digibee, including:

  • How we work to understand your challenges and showcase how Digibee’s integration platform can help
  • Our process to personalize your demo and integration plan specific to your priorities and tech stack
  • How we work with you to prove our value

Learn more about our engagement process with this helpful overview or schedule a demo with our team.

FinTech Case Study

Digibee enables a fintech company to sell a new insurance product in their new mobile application with an implementation in just under 45 days.

Digibee Integration Platform and Its Market Context White Paper

The Digibee methodology enables integrations between systems by focusing on the data itself rather than on the components and connections.

About this white paper

Systems integration and the exposure of APIs are complex processes that rely on technical teams and IT tools to connect on-premises and/or cloud systems, requiring knowledge, skills, and a high level of security.

Digibee drastically reduces the complexity, enabling integrations between systems by focusing on the data itself rather than on the components and connections. The methodology Digibee has crafted ensures companies have knowledge and control over their data in an agile, simple, and efficient way, while maintaining a focus on future-proof architecture.

Key highlights

Understand the digital transformation challenges organizations are facing and the role of integration:

  • Learn how the right integration solutions enable innovation instead of slowing it down
  • Get an overview of Digibee’s integration platform offerings including intuitive UI, components, cloud-native architecture, automation features, API management, event-driven architecture, support and delivery model, and more
  • Understand the features and capabilities of the integration lifecycle and how they apply to your organization

The benefits of Digibee’s iPaaS

Digibee allows you to reduce the complexity of integrations, so you can focus on your core business
values and strategies while leveraging benefits such as:

  • Robust integration architecture — based on a SaaS Platform
  • Time to Market — impacting the success or failure of organizations and/or strategies
  • Cost reduction — reallocate your development investment to another business priority
  • Operation automation — ensuring accurate data with resilience, scalability, persistence, security and robustness
  • Reduce the impact of integrations on your team – any developer can use the platform, no need for months of training and certification to competently manage an integration platform

Download Digibee Integration Platform and its market context and learn more about how our innovative model and approach to integrations focuses on data flows rather than components and connections, leveraging your organization’s power for more effective data management.