5 (+1) Reasons to Choose Digibee Over a Traditional iPaaS

Discover six ways leveraging Digibee’s unmatched iPaaS solution supports your crucial digital transformation strategy – saving time, money, and resources. 

September 14, 2023

Integration has become an essential component for businesses to achieve their strategic goals. But, not all integration solutions are the same. Digibee’s innovative iPaaS solution offers essential benefits that traditional integration providers can’t match. Check out this infographic highlighting six ways leveraging Digibee’s platform can support your digital transformation strategy – saving you time, money, resources, and frustration.

6 reasons to choose Digibee's iPaaS infographic

See How Digibee Differs

Your integration journey doesn’t have to be difficult. Digibee’s intuitive, ready-to-use platform reduces your time to market, offers an easy-to-understand pricing model, includes comprehensive support, and empowers your development team. Book your 15-minute discovery call, 30-minute custom demo, or 60-minute deep dive with our team and see for yourself how Digibee can save you time, money, resources, and accelerate your crucial integration project.


*Accessibility Note: The information below is identical to the information provided in the above infographic:

5 (+1!) reasons to choose Digibee over a traditional iPaaS

Not all integration solutions are created equal. Digibee’s innovative iPaaS offers benefits that traditional providers can’t match.

1. Faster time to value

Digibee’s intuitive, ready-to-use platform reduces your time to market by 70%. Complete your integration projects in weeks instead of months. Our lightning-fast learning curve allows developers of all backgrounds to quickly implement integrations.

  • Junior software engineers and developers can create and begin to implement integrations in just 10 days
  • Build, update, run, and operate complex integrations on a single platform

2. Subscription simplicity

A traditional iPaaS has complex pricing models that require a heavy investment in multiple components to achieve a fully functioning integration platform. Extra charges for training, certification, support, and maintenance are difficult to quantify. Digibee does it differently.

  • Digibee only requires three SKUs with no limitations
  • A new customer can get started for less than $60,000 USD

3. Comprehensive support

Digibee is more than an integration platform provider. We’re an integration partner. Your subscription includes everything you need to succeed: Ready-to-work delivery and enablement team.

  • Comprehensive 24/7 support for implementation, development, training, and enablement
  • Customer Success team that provides guidance which empowers your team to learn and own integrations

4. Low code for pro code integrations

An internal team of expert developers is difficult and expensive to maintain. With Digibee, your entire resource base is enabled: no need to hire certified developers for complex integrations. We empower the development team you already have in place.

  • Leverage our amazingly fast learning curve to fast-track productivity
  • Transition valuable resources to focus on innovation versus time-consuming maintenance tasks

5. No rip and replace required

Digibee easily coexists with traditional products already entrenched in your ecosystem. Digibee quickly resolves long-standing legacy issues that traditional integration developers don’t have the time to fix.

  • Digibee is less expensive than rolling out more subscription offers from a traditional iPaaS pricing model
  • Custom protocols remove the limitations imposed by pre-built connectors, letting you build what you need to rapidly create integrations

+1 Bonus: burn the Backlog

Maybe you’re already a traditional iPaaS customer. You can still benefit from Digibee, even if you’re committed to a legacy integration product. You know that backlog of integration projects your team keeps pushing back? Digibee’s rapid time to value and intuitive interface means junior developers can burn through the backlog while your experts focus on priority projects.

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