Digibee’s Top 10 Blog Posts of 2022

As we look toward sharing new insights in 2023, here are our most popular Digibee blog posts of 2022.

January 3, 2023

We launched our blog, Digibeat, in August of 2022 and began sharing insights and strategies on some of the crucial topics businesses are facing today. As we look towards planning new content for 2023, we wanted to share our most popular Digibee blog posts of 2022.

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#1 Digibee’s Top 3 Tech Predictions for 2023

A fascinating discussion with Co-founder and CEO Rodrigo Bernardinelli; Co-founder and CTO Peter Kreslins; Field CTO, North America, Tam Ayers, and moderated by CMO Cait Porte about current and future IT industry trends and what some of our leadership predicts we’ll see in 2023. 


#2 What is iPaaS for Enterprise (iPaas) and Why Should Enterprises Care?

Enterprise Integration Platform-as-a-Service (or iPaaS) offers companies new opportunities to transform the way they manage IT resources. Learn more about what enterprise iPaaS is, what you should expect, the benefits, and the many reasons why having an enterprise iPaaS matters for your business. 


#3 3 Benefits of Digital Transformation in the Retail Industry

The effects of the pandemic made the benefits of digital transformation in the retail industry painfully clear to brands still reliant on legacy architecture. Companies had to adapt quickly to survive. Learn more about the common barriers the retail industry faces and the benefits of utilizing an eiPaaS solution to support digital transformation.


#4 How enterprise iPaaS Supports IT Cost Reduction Strategies

Industries across the globe are facing an unprecedented shortage of skilled employees, particularly in IT. Leaders are scrambling to implement IT cost reduction strategies as they compete for a dwindling pool of experts. We explore how a low code eiPaaS solution can reduce pressures caused by the confluence of rising demand for modernization and the IT talent shortage, empowering team members with less expertise to take on tasks previously reserved for senior developers.


#5 Who Owns Enterprise Integration Management? (Surprise! It’s Not Who You Think.) 

Integration is a critical first step in the digital transformation process, especially for organizations dependent on legacy infrastructure and siloed data. Different players on your team may have competing priorities as they consider integration tools. This post includes insights for strategizing and determining who should own managing your organization’s enterprise integration solution.


#6 Why Enterprise Integration Journeys are Failing 

The information we collected in our 2022 State of Enterprise Integration Report revealed many business leaders have concerns about the investment of time, resources, and the money required to fund an enterprise integration initiative. However, eiPaaS solutions are helping organizations integrate data and applications, and connect ecosystems, APIs, and events. Learn more how you can implement a successful, cost-effective enterprise integration strategy. 


#7 Forrester Total Economic Impact Report for Digibee: How We Measure Up  

Digibee partnered with a neutral third party, Forrester, to collect and analyze feedback from our clients for an honest appraisal on how we’ve done, exploring and quantifying the value our customers derive from our eiPaaS. Discover the results of the Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Digibee Report, including our customers satisfaction with the value Digibee delivers.


#8 SAP S/4HANA Transition: What’s the Rush?

SAP announced it would sunset support for its on-premise ERP in five years. While that may seem like ample time to migrate, we explore the reasons to start your SAP S/4HANA transition now. This post also includes a video about planning for your SAP/ S4HANA migration with Field CTO, North America, Tam Ayers and CMO Cait Porte.


#9 From Average to Amazing with the Gartner Integration Maturity Model

Understanding your current state of integration helps to inform your overall strategy, providing tangible markers you must achieve in the advancement of this business-critical initiative. We discuss the five stages of the Gartner Integration Maturity Model and how businesses can utilize its framework to determine where your organization stands, including delivery, strategy, platform, and engagement models across the stages.

#10 Financial Services: What are the Top Cloud Migration Challenges You Must Overcome?

Shifting from on-premises to a cloud environment delivers significant efficiencies for financial services organizations, however, cloud adoption in the financial services sector remains at a very early stage. This post provides helpful insights for financial services organizations to mitigate–and even avoid–many of the common challenges and pain points, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal disruptions to the business.


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