Top 5 Podcast Picks of 2023

As we look towards planning new content for 2024, we are highlighting five insightful podcast episodes from 2023, covering topics relevant to integration, the developer community, our customers, and the tech industry.

December 14, 2023

Since launching one year ago, the “Integration. Redesigned.” podcast has unpacked ideas, trends, and topics that directly impact developers and tech professionals who are managing resources, costs, executive demands, security and risk, customer experience and an ever-evolving landscape of new solution providers. The podcast is hosted by Cait Porte, Digibee’s Chief Marketing Officer, and includes a variety of guests from Digibee and across the industry. 

Here are our top 5 picks:

#1 Is the world ready for how we can accelerate integrations? (Episode 5)

Customer Success Manager, Paula Arencibia, joins Cait for a discussion highlighting the rapid speed of integrations with Digibee’s iPaaS and differentiated delivery model. Paula dives into our comprehensive three-phase onboarding program that enables and empowers our customers. She explains how Digibee gives access to functional analysts, solution architects, customer success managers, and developers, so we can enable faster integrations and successful implementations – for projects of any scope.

#2 Why IT Departments should be an asset, not an expense (Episode 19)

Cait and Andre Campos, Field Chief Technology Officer for Latin America, cover topics including how IT departments have evolved, building them, the current perceptions around them, the challenges they face and ways to overcome those challenges, the importance of collaboration between IT and other departments, and the crucial role these departments can play to deliver significant value to their company. One perception in particular discussed is the significant expense of IT for companies while IT struggles to demonstrate their value. Cait and Andre cover how prioritizing IT departments to drive digital transformation efforts can become a competitive advantage for businesses.

#3 Lowe’s integration success: How Digibee transformed shipping (Episode 23)

Cait interviewed Duncan McFadden, enterprise platform support for ServiceNow at Lowe’s, to discuss how Digibee’s iPaaS transformed their shipping logistics. By partnering with Digibee and implementing a modern shipping integration solution, Lowe’s saw improvements in error monitoring, logging, and email notifications, resulting overall in better performance and reduced manual efforts. Duncan also expressed his intention to utilize Digibee for future projects, particularly in inventory and asset management, which are crucial aspects of Lowe’s operations.

#4 Digibee iPaaS: Continuing education for users (Episode 24)

Cait sits down with Digibee’s Head of Education & AI Fabricio Inocencio, to discuss the exciting world of continuing education for Digibee – including Digibee’s own learning Academy. Fabricio shares his passion for delivering useful content and a friendly learning experience for users, primarily focused on enabling developers first and foremost. His job consists of evaluating how to deliver useful content for our customers, how to deliver a conducive user-friendly experience, and how to grow our adoption and community.

#5 Integration Redesigned: Building Successful Partnerships – Strategies from Thought Machine(Episode 7)

Cait is joined by the Global Partnerships and Managing Director at Thought Machine, Brad Steele, to discuss strategies for building and managing successful partnerships. The conversation delves into the keys to establishing effective partnerships, measuring partnership success, the role of culture in the workplace, the importance of fostering collaboration, and creating a positive work environment.

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The “Integration. Redesigned.” podcast is presented by Digibee, an enterprise iPaaS solution that bridges the gap between current systems and new technologies and helps connect data and platforms that have never been connected before, regardless of underlying silos or legacy infrastructure. 

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