Assaí Atacadista automates profit distribution to its workforce with Digibee.

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Assaí Atacadista automates profit distribution to its workforce with Digibee.

Case Study: Assaí Atacadista

< 18mo

Less than 2 months to implement - agile and accurate payment calculations occurred in time for next cycle


No more spreadsheets


Elimination of all manual workflows and related human errors

The Challenge

Founded in 1974, Assaí Atacadista is one of the largest wholesale chains in Brazil. The company has over 200 stores and 60,000+ employees, of which about 10% are eligible for profit distribution. 

The wholesaler was frustrated with the manual processes required to calculate payment of profits to thousands of employees. The team used complicated spreadsheets that made the work difficult, time-consuming, and often prone to human errors. 

Assaí Atacadista decided to automate the process, integrating its ADP, Compasso, and Oracle database systems for faster and more accurate results.


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The Objective

  • Integrate HR requirements data with supporting systems that calculate payments and other variable income details

  • Achieve greater scalability to easily increase the number of stores, employees, and information to be processed

  • Ensure security is optimized to protect sensitive employee data

  • Complete the project before the next cycle of profit distribution

The Plan

  • The Digibee platform would be implemented to support integrations between the ADP system, the Oracle database, and the Compasso application which is used to calculate amounts to be paid, based on requirements defined by the HR team

The Outcome

The entire project, from design to startup, was completed in two months, with the first automated calculation of variable payments occurring in time for the next cycle of profit distribution.

Today, Assaí Atacadista easily analyzes information and automatically authorizes payments, eliminating manual workflows and human error for a streamlined profit distribution process.


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