Case Study

Digibee delivers a seamless integration to GJP Hotels & Resorts transforming its guest experience


Reduction in wait time for guests


Savings in operating costs after one year


Reduction in guest queue complaints

The Challenge

Created in 2005 by businessman Guilerme Paulus, GJP Hotels & Resorts is a leading Brazilian hotel chain. The chain has 10 hotels with more than 2,200 guest apartments, as well as modern event centers, business, and leisure infrastructure.

GJP guests were increasingly frustrated with the time-consuming check-in and check-out processes. Even when making a reservation in advance, many customers had a long wait at reception, a negative experience that risked customer churn.

The company wanted to leverage technology to enhance the guest experience, digitizing workflows and integrating its Property Management System (PMS) CMNET Totvs with a self-service kiosk.

“With the support of Digibee, we were able to integrate and orchestrate all of our systems ten times faster than the traditional integration model we had originally considered.”

– Matheus Henrique Garcia, CIO, GJP Hotels & Resorts

The Objective

  • Speedy, streamlines check-in / check-out workflows for guests
  • Easy and fast access to customer data to validate reservations
  • Expansion of successful integration strategy to support additional innovation initiatives

The Plan

The strategy involved two phases:

  • Phase one: Integration of the existing PMS system with a self-service totem
  • Phase two: Ongoing digital transformation projects based on the success of phase one

The Outcome

The GJP team worked closely with Digibee to transform its guest experience, integrating a self-service kiosk with its existing Property Management System for a fast (and frustration-free) check-in. Digibee delivered a seamless integration of its systems on a timeline that was ten times faster than the traditional integration model the company had originally considered.

Digibee now serves as the integration hub for GJP, supporting the ongoing digital transformation of the company. So far, four new projects have launched with 70+ flows built and monitored. Over 19,000 transactions are processed daily, with $300K savings in operating costs in a single year.

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