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Digibee's integration solution allows Porto Seguro to expedite proposal and policy generation to double its customer base

Case Study: Porto Seguro

30 days

Automation of manual workflows


Doubled issuance of policies through integration of business applications with partner brokerage systems


Accelerated project timeline by almost 50%

The Challenge

Founded in 1945, Porto Seguro is one of Brazil’s largest insurance companies providing financial, health, and insurance products and services.

In an effort to double its existing customer portfolio, the company decided to launch a digital transformation strategy. The project would focus on integrating and automating many of its existing processes to increase efficiencies and expand the number of brokerage partners, which in turn would contribute to a larger base of customers.


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The Objective

  • Expedite the registration of proposals and policies by partner brokerages

  • Increase scalability by automating manual workflows and streamlining uploads of supporting documentation

  • Enable all registered brokers (in-house and third-party) to easily sell Porto Seguro products

The Plan

Porto Seguro’s aggressive growth proposal required an overhaul of its existing infrastructure, especially the generation of proposals and policies which were still done manually by brokers. To resolve this, the company had to integrate its Apollo broker portal and Planium insurance sales application with all partner systems to expedite the registration of proposals and policies.

The Outcome

The Digibee enterprise integration platform exceeded expectations, accelerating the project timeline by almost 50%, completing in 8 days versus the 15 days initially estimated by Porto Seguro. By reducing the time to securely fill out, analyze, and complete proposals, the company was able to double the issuing of policies without burdening its technical and business teams.

The Porto Seguro team recognized the monitoring, auditing, and scalability efficiencies of Digibee and is actively applying the enterprise integration technology to additional use cases to optimize the business.


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