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Digibee provides the Weir Group with an agile and flexible integration to support critical workflows

Case study: Weir Group


All integrations built and running in less than one month


Process tracking in near real-time


Integration roadblocks overcome with a single, simple workflow

The challenge

Weir engineers solutions that improve safety, efficiency, and sustainability - helping to provide the essential resources needed for a growing world. With 11,500 people in over 50 countries, the company serves mining, infrastructure, and oil and gas markets. 

The Weir Group needed to integrate global corporate systems with local systems in each region. The company was looking for a fast, reliable, and secure process to integrate: 

  • A new global payroll solution (Workday) with its existing ERP system (Proteus)
  • A new MES system (42Q) and an existing Ariba platform with its SAP infrastructure

The Digibee team worked closely with the Weir IT team, building all of the integration flows in less than a month. Today the company relies on a secure, scalable, and reliable integration strategy to support critical business workflows.


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The objective

  • Strong security protocols including end-to-end message encryption and the obfuscation of sensitive data on all generated logs and messages 

  • Proactive monitoring with near real-time alerts to flag potential integration flow issues before a disruption occurs

  • Successfully complete multiple integration initiatives via a single project

The plan

The strategy involved two phases: 

  • Phase one: Integration of the existing ERP system with a new payroll system (Workday)

  • Phase two: Integration of the existing Ariba platform and a new MES system (42Q) with SAP infrastructure

The outcome

The Weir Group has incorporated a modern integration strategy that connects critical business systems with existing corporate ERP and SAP systems, optimizing the bi-directional flow of data between multiple solutions.

Digibee’s simple, cost-effective platform requires less time and resources, providing the Weir Group with an agile and flexible business model. 


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