Enterprise integration. Redesigned

Digibee eiPaaS is cloud native and full lifecycle

Reduce the complexity of your integration environments and digitally transform legacy systems.

Enterprise Integration redesigned

Digibee e-iPaaS for Enterprise

Reduce the complexity of your integration environments and digitally transform legacy systems. Request a demo.

Digibee platform overview

Solve complex integrations

Our powerful platform accelerates developers instead of replacing them. Designed to solve complex integrations across critical systems, Digibee applies an industry-leading, easy-to-learn, low code approach that scales easily, helping our customers achieve their most ambitious business objectives.

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Easily create integration flows, or pipelines, using the powerful Digibee low code platform. Select from a wealth of native components such as enterprise applications, files, and other tools. Digibee capsules provide pre-packaged business logic that can be reused by internal teams, customers, and partners.


Deploy in seconds and instantly create pipeline replicas based on deployment size. The resilient Digibee platform is 100% cloud native and based fully on Kubernetes. Process isolation ensures system performance and stability. The SaaS Digibee platform scales easily, running each replica in separated cloud availability zones.


The Digibee dashboard provides real-time oversight of each pipeline’s execution behavior. Detailed logs are generated for every execution, including request and response pipeline messages. Error handling is streamlined. Events can be viewed and delivered to enterprise ticket and monitoring solutions for remediation.


The Digibee system provides unparalleled protection and security. Platform security features include role-based access control, audits, 24x7 monitoring, infrastructure isolation, and a range of other measures. All pipelines are configurable to accommodate the security needs of the business, including authentication based on industry standards.

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Our platform is built upon the architecture principles defined by digital innovators like Google, Netflix, Amazon and others. The Digibee platform delivers unmatched security, scalability and performance.”

Peter Kreslins

CTO, co-founder, inventor


Santander Bank

Integrates complex logistics network

Learn how this international bank streamlined cash-in-transit processes for better security, efficiencies, and reduced operational costs.

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3 simple pillars

Digibee’s modern integration architecture enables enterprise integrations of any scale and size, unlocking organizational agility and supporting exponential growth.


Simplicity through abstraction using a specifications-driven approach.

Cloud native

Work efficiently at scale with high availability and self-healing.

Full lifecycle

Support a build-run-operate lifecycle with modern integration architecture.

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