The Developer Experience
Create workflows, avoid complexity

Stop worrying about scalability, reliability, API versioning, and event-driven architecture complexity. Digibee abstracts away all of this for you so you can focus on delivering integrations faster.


Accelerate your development workflow with AI-Driven tools

  • Automated documentation: Digibee’s AI dynamically generates and updates your workflow documentation as you build, letting you focus on coding rather than paperwork.
  • AI-Guided development: Reduce the learning curve with an AI assistant that guides you through the product and can answer any questions you have leveraging our knowledge base and documentation to enhance your productivity.
  • Predictive tooling: The AI assistant anticipates your needs, offering proactive suggestions based on your workflow logic ensuring smarter, faster workflow development.
Enhanced Reusability

Use functions to reuse logic

  • Code reusability: Transform workflows into reusable code libraries called Capsules that can be utilized in any workflow.
  • Change impact analysis: Digibee will soon have automated consumer-driven contract tests and change impact analysis so you can evolve your Capsules without worrying about breaking consumers.
  • Immediate rollouts: Rollout Capsule changes safely and instantly to all dependent workflows without updating or re-deploying them.
  • Less overhead: Capsules run embedded within workflows, avoiding the overhead of separate services.
API optional

Code or compose APIs and Group APIs

Digibee’s Capsules offer an alternative to traditional APIs when the full API lifecycle is overkill. Capsules provide reusability, decoupling, contracts, immediate rollouts, and fewer versioning issues. For cases where traditional APIs are the best fit, create APIs by grouping Capsules, or decompose an API specification into individual Capsules. Digibee supports both assembling and disassembling APIs, offering the modularity of Capsules and the capabilities of traditional APIs.

Fail-safe workflows

Stop writing logic to build resilient workflows

Digibee automatically queues all requests regardless of the trigger so you get guaranteed request execution without additional infrastructure and logic.

Predictable performance

Fewer incidents

Tackle resource contention issues head-on. Digibee runs every request in its own dedicated Docker container, shielding it from the effects of concurrent traffic and other workflows. Dedicated infrastructure for every request means fewer incidents, less operations cost, and less code.

Events out-of-the-box

Stop thinking about topic names and messages

With Digibee, every workflow is event-based and the product abstracts the complexities of message brokers and topic management. Invoke any workflow, regardless of its trigger, as if it were a function and let Digibee handle the underlying event-driven communication. Focus on the logic that matters most, while keeping your code clean, intuitive, and simple.

And everything else you'd expect in a modern integration cloud.

Digibee's extensive list of features eliminates barriers and enables seamless integrations.

Serverless workflows

Digibee's serverless architecture automatically scales your integration workflows based on demand, optimizing performance and eliminating costs during idle periods.

All-in-one platform

Digibee includes pre-configured API Gateway, Queue Manager, Event Broker, Load Balancer, and Password Vault, so you can get started right-away.

Extensive connector library

Quickly connect to any application or service using Digibee's wide range of connectors.

Secure infrastructure

Ensure high-level security for your integration workflows with Digibee's infrastructure isolation, Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and VPN connectivity.

Multi-cloud flexibility

Digibee runs seamlessly on major cloud platforms, offering multi-tenant SaaS, dedicated SaaS, and managed private cloud options to suit your infrastructure needs.

Comprehensive observability

Monitor and troubleshoot workflows across projects and environments from a single, real-time dashboard, with integration to Datadog and other APMs.

Built-in governance

Maintain control and compliance with features like auditing, project organization, roles and permissions, identity provider integration, data masking, credential vault, and environment segregation.

Multi-Layer security

Digibee ensures high security standards with infrastructure isolation, Zero Trust adherence, WAF/IDS, mTLS endpoints, and strong encryption for data at rest and in transit.

See our product in action

Platform Overview - Integration Demo Series

Build Canvas Overview - Integration Demo Series

Run Environment Overview - Integration Demo Series

“Digibee has powerful features to integrate various systems and technologies. Our development team doesn’t have to worry about the technological aspects, its focus is only on the business problem that will be solved.”

Digibee’s platform is notable for its development agility. With an agile and efficient team, new functionalities and improvements are implemented quickly, allowing a continuous and dynamic integration experience for users.”

“We’ve done system integrations in months that would take a year or two to develop and implement. Not only is the technology great, but the Digibee team is fantastic. They definitely made the difference in our results.”

“Digibee is heads and tails above the competition. Integrations are faster to develop in Digibee. The support is far superior. I wish Digibee was better known, this tool is the best, it should be used by more.”

See firsthand how Digibee supports modern, event-driven architecture.