Ease Retail Supply Chain Uncertainty Through Better Integration

May 10, 2023

A quick guide for retail businesses looking to take back control to mitigate supply chain and operations risks.

Key highlights from this guide:

Digibee’s integration platform helps retailers quickly transform their integration architecture by enabling seamless connectivity.

  • Speed up your time to market with our low code, cloud native infrastructure
  • Free up time and resources with a platform capable of simplifying complex integrations
  • Accelerate implementation with Digibee’s superior customer support team

Digibee can help you transform your supply chain into a resilient, digitally connected ecosystem. Integration enables real-time, end-to-end visibility, flexibility, and scalability that:

  • Manages inventory levels in real time
  • Handles variability 
  • Increases efficiency
  • Mitigates supply risks

Digibee in action – successful implementations for our customers

Global food retailer with 12,000+ stores

  • Implemented a modern, efficient, and cost-effective WMS solution and avoided a large technology restructuring project by choosing Digibee.

Restaurant food-chain supplier with 70 facilities in 18 countries

  • Implemented a new service and delivery model in less than two weeks amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

International parcel delivery service

  • Integrated ERP with warehouse systems, resulting in real-time inventory control, while monitoring all data flow for orders, process automation, and visibility.

Supermarket chain with 50+ stores

  • Integrated its systems with eCommerce fulfillment companies in multiple marketplaces around the globe, facilitating faster onboarding of new partners and expedited data validation to speed up package deliveries.

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