Modern data integration architecture

Connect to the cloud with modern and superior integration architecture

Modern data integration architecture

Connect to the cloud and your future


Eliminate manual input & data errors with improved integration

Bauducco partnered with Digibee so it could integrate with US customers using EDI files. The company increased integration efficiency end-to-end, reduced costs, and improved the speed of onboarding for new customers.

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The Digibee difference


Our cloud-native technology is provided as a service, including development, go-live support, and maintenance. This means your system data and integrations are always fresh, with no disruptions or costly delays to the business.


Increase business agility

Our low-code integrations and cloud-native platform supports rapid innovation, so you can capitalize on new opportunities to drive revenue and grow the business.


Reduce technical & operational debt

End your dependency on legacy, on-premises systems. Digibee’s eiPaaS cloud platform provides all of the infrastructure you’ll need for modern data integration. Our model is subscription-based and includes development, maintenance, and go-live support.


Data & platform agnostic

Move any data to and from any platform and public cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.). Built with a Google Cloud Services foundation (Kubernetes, containerization) for unparalleled speed, scalability, and security.

Payless adapts to the changing world

Learn how this international retailer integrated a secure e-commerce platform across more than 400 stores in 15 countries.

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The what and why of iPaaS for modern businesses

Learn how Integration Platform as a Service connects siloed IT assets for uniform data integration across the enterprise.

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Three myths of modern integration

Three Myths of Modern Integration

Examine three myths of modern integration from the perspective of leading IT industry analyst Jason Bloomberg.

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