Use Cases

Digibee’s composable, event-driven architecture
means that our iPaaS can tackle virtually any
integration use case with speed and simplicity.

But your needs and goals are specific. Digibee users
start at one of three places…

Modernize Your Integration

Transform integration from a development bottleneck to an enabler of innovation and agility

Add Speed and Simplicity to Big Initiatives

Modern born-in-the-cloud integration future-proofs your organization

Transform Your Architecture

Digital Transformation, composability and modernization require agile integration that scales and adapts

Every successful integration deployment starts with a well defined set of goals. While the Digibee core
values of speed, simplicity, reusability and scalability are applicable to any conceivable integration use
case, several use cases have been successfully executed most often by Digibee, based on the highest
priority business needs of our customers.

Modernize Your Integration

Legacy iPaaS platforms that rely on old on-premises architecture in a Cloud world, legacy tools like ESBs and reliance on coding to build and maintain integrations all become too cumbersome and expensive to maintain. There is a better way.

Digibee users often start their journey with one of these legacy integration use cases:

ESB Migration to iPaaS

Add flexibility and scalability by replacing this technology that dates back to before the Cloud

Core Integration Platform Deployment/Consolidation

Reduce the number of tools and coding needed by migrating off legacy iPaaS platforms, cobbled together solutions and hard coded integrations

Real time (instead of batch) integration

When expectations and demands outpace the rigid frequency of batch processing, real time integration processing exceeds the demands

Event based/driven integration

Instead of synchronously integrating different systems, Digibee event-based integration listens and reacts to events to be much more dynamic and efficient than legacy integration tools

Modernize legacy integration

Modernize old ESBs, EDI, File Transfer, ETL, home grown coding and legacy iPaaS solutions from MuleSoft, Software AG, Oracle, and others

Add Speed and Simplicity to Big, Strategic Initiatives

The most important business initiatives and projects for any organization take time, and are often extremely complicated. Legacy integration challenges can contribute to both additional time spent and complexity.

<br>Digibee integration helps these projects complete faster, with less expense — and helps create more agility once the project is completed:

ERP Migration Integration

Business can’t stop during a migration off of legacy ERP. Digibee keeps both systems in sync during the migration — and enables scalability post-migration

E-Commerce Integration

You upgrade to a new e-commerce platform for flexibility and scalability in the face of change. Your iPaaS needs to eliminate the friction that coding and re-coding the integrations with systems and APIs

Merged Organization Integration

M&A deals bring on redundancies and a wholesale need for an integration strategy across organizations, Digibee adds speed and simplicity to this set of challenges

New Digital Products and Services

When adding new capabilities, such as a new channel, new purchase method, etc, you’ll need to leverage what’s already in place (a customer database, an existing digital model, etc). Integrations play a critical role here

Open Finance / Health / Data Deployments

All open initiatives are highly dependent on a solid API strategy. An integration platform plays a critical as you expose these new APIs while you build the infrastructure to deliver what the APIs need

Transform Your Architecture

Organizations reliant on legacy systems — and needing to compete in today’s marketplace — are embracing architectural strategies to enable that transformation to agility.

Because Digibee is born in the cloud and offers composability and reusability, integration can act as a key underpinning of these strategies:

Architecture Modernization

Digibee delivers enhanced architecture capabilities such as adding a layer on top of legacy systems so they can be safely exposed, implement event-driven capabilities, implement the strangler pattern (isolating legacy apps until they can be removed), and others.

Application Modernization

Any complex application modernization scenario will take time. During that time, it is highly probable that the modernized application will need to co-exist with the old one. An integration platform can help a lot in that case, serving as the façade to the services.

Composable Architecture

Modern applications are typically cloud-native, microservices-based that deliver a new capability by leveraging existing ones inside the organization.

Process Automation

Often too complex for citizen developer tools, Digibee helps you build a new overarching process on top of your disparate systems

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