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Denny Cannon

Digital Architect Lead

Having helped customers solve problems through technology for over 20 years it is the “ah-ha!” moment that continues to drive Denny. He believes that servant leadership is the only way to succeed, whether it be solving difficult problems, making acquisitions, merging cultures, building consensus, building new products, or helping people grow their skillset. For Denny, leading a team across several countries is a very rewarding experience.

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How Low-Code Integration is Changing the Lives of Software Developers

Low-code is delivering meaningful efficiencies to the enterprise, reducing errors and elevating the role of the developer to an innovation leader.

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How a Unified Retail Commerce Model is Reshaping the Industry, According to Gartner®

Learn Gartner-recommended best practices in developing digital business KPIs to plan, track, and manage your retail technology initiatives.

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3 Ways Retail IT Solutions Can Help Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience is the key to unlocking profit in the retail industry. How can retail IT solutions help deliver on shoppers’ expectations?

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Press Fast-Forward: How to Reduce Time to Market with Digibee’s iPaaS

Digibee’s enterprise integration platform brings faster time to market, helping to accelerate your digital transformation strategy.

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