Press Fast-Forward: How to Reduce Time to Market with Digibee’s iPaaS

Digibee’s enterprise integration platform brings faster time to market, helping to accelerate your digital transformation strategy.

February 2, 2023

There are many financial benefits to enterprise integration and employing Digibee’s enterprise iPaaS, such as the cost saving of being able to use more junior developers, but beyond that there are also sizable financial gains to be made through speed, namely the benefits of a faster time to revenue through a faster product release cycle.

A recently-conducted Forrester Total Economic Impact™ of Digibee Report provided an opportunity for a third-party assessment that systematically explored the outcomes of partnering with Digibee for enterprise Integration. Using a composite organization modeled on the characteristics of interviewees’ organizations, this TEI report attributed +$1.3M of the +$5.9M total benefits Present Value (PV) to allowing a faster time to market for new products and services – that’s over one-fifth of total monetary benefits!


Source: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Digibee’s Enterprise Integration Platform As A Service (eiPaaS), a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Digibee

Making It Happen

Before you can make something profitable, you have to make something. The development phase of a project often requires considerable financial investments in the cost of materials and the cost of labor, all without any immediate returns.

While conducting interviews, Forrester found that prior to implementing Digibee’s enterprise iPaaS development teams were often unable to deliver projects on the original timeline. After making the switch, they were not only able to meet deadlines, but stay ahead of schedule.

“Before Digibee, it would have taken 300 hours to complete an integration, now it takes 60 hours.” 

– Technology architect, financial services

Looking at the numbers in this above example, there is not only a cost saving of 240 hours development, that could also be profits flowing back in six weeks sooner with zero additional effort!

Digibee’s low-code model helps bring enterprise integration online in your company in times that are often months faster than building individual API integrations in-house. The Forrester TEI report estimated that partnering with Digibee decreased the time to market with a new product or service by three months. This translated into three additional months of gaining new customers/policies per month, for a total increase of $449,820 in the first year of their composite business.

revenue-table-from-forrester-TEI-reportSource: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Digibee’s Enterprise Integration Platform As A Service (eiPaaS), a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Digibee

Multiplying the Good

The benefits from the original integration may be sizable on their own, but the original integration is also a great foundation on which to build for every subsequent new product or service. This multiplies the gains as every new item can improve time to market with the same three month time-saving. As demonstrated by the Forrester composite business, if a company is able to save an average of three months per project integration, that puts a company an ENTIRE YEAR ahead of schedule after just four integrations.

Whether a business routinely releases new products, or is focused on expanding locations, Digibee’s low-code capsules make reusing integrations fast and straightforward.

“Digibee helped us grow because of how the integrations became drag and drop. Because Digibee has connectors to our ERP, this helped us add new stores. So, we connect, drag and drop, and all the APIs are created using a new store code. Before that, we had to create a new integration again and again and again.” 

– IT project director, Retail

Increasing Adaptability

Just as it amplifies profits, speed to market can also minimize loss for a business currently struggling with an ineffective product or service by increasing adaptability.

This scenario is exemplified in the case of GJP, a hotel chain based in Brazil. Their customers were dissatisfied with the experiences of booking and checking in/out of their hotel, citing long wait times. Were this frustrating experience to continue, there would doubtlessly be an increasing number of bad reviews of the hotel, and customers that had a bad experience and would avoid the chain in the future.

With the help of Digibee, GJP was able to digitize check-in and -out processes and integrate it with the existing PMS, with a 100% reduction in guest queue complaints.

“With the support of Digibee, we were able to integrate and orchestrate all of our systems ten times faster than the traditional integration model we had originally considered.”

– Matheus Hernrique Garcia, CIO, GJP Hotels & Resorts

Profit from the Speed of Digibee Integrations

A faster product release using Digibee’s low-code enterprise iPaaS translates directly to faster time to revenue. We facilitate the delivery of better products and services to your customers by allowing you to focus more time delivering and less time developing.

Accelerate time to market and experience the financial benefits to partnering with Digibee for yourself.

TEI-Report-ThumbnailDownload your own copy of the Forrester TEI Report to explore how Digibee offers faster time to market at a lower cost – or book a demo with our team to see our solution in action.

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