How Data Integration Benefits Businesses Beyond the IT Department

The right integration solution can mean huge gains for your organization’s IT department. It’s not a secret – in fact, it’s the focus of most articles about the benefits of data integration: reduced costs, improved developer... Read more »...

January 12, 2023

The right integration solution can mean huge gains for your organization’s IT department. It’s not a secret – in fact, it’s the focus of most articles about the benefits of data integration: reduced costs, improved developer efficiency, and less reliance on increasingly hard-to-find IT specialists. But what about the rest of your business? 

If your IT department is among the few that have no trouble with skills shortages or rising costs, you might think you don’t need an integration platform. Don’t fall into this trap. There are a variety of ways other departments can benefit from the adoption of an integration platform as well.diverse-businesswomen-analytics-sales-revenue

Faster Time to Market

Integrations take less time with an enterprise iPaaS solution than when developers have to create point-to-point connections manually. Reducing time spent on building integrations means systems are connected and data exchanged ahead of schedule. The result? Your team can accelerate digital transformation and reduce time to market on new products or services.

A reduced time to market means more time to generate revenue. And more revenue benefits your entire organization. Forrester analysts estimate $1.3 million in increased revenue over three years from the faster time to market with Digibee’s iPaaS. 


Source: The Total Economic Impact™ Of Digibee’s Enterprise Integration Platform As A Service (eiPaaS), a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Digibee

Improved Reliability

An iPaaS also improves the reliability of system and application performance. Because Digibee’s low-code platform reduces the risk of human errors and includes built-in monitoring, disruptions are minimal, and identifying and addressing issues is quick and easy.

The price of downtime is continually increasing, and delays in accessing real-time data can negatively impact decision-making. The right iPaaS can help improve the reliability and security of your systems, regardless of size or scale.

When the Weir Group needed to integrate systems used by 11,500 employees across 50 countries, they turned to Digibee for a solution. 

Digibee connected their business-critical systems with existing corporate ERP and SAP systems, optimizing data flow, implementing rigid security protocols, and adding proactive monitoring to minimize disruptions.

Enhanced Customer Experience

The “customer is always right” adage has never been more true than it is today. Consumers’ expectations of brands they do business with are on the rise, and enhancing the customer experience was the top priority (by a significant margin) in McKinsey’s 2022 State of Customer Care Report. 

Your internal teams may have no choice about dealing with slow, inefficient business processes, but your customers won’t put up with an experience that falls short of expectations. Another business benefit of integration is that it can empower you to deliver the experiences your customers desire – with new technologies and maximized efficiency.

GJP Hotels & Resorts, a leading Brazilian hospitality chain, was facing increasing customer churn as guests voiced frustration over tedious, time-consuming check-in and check-out processes. 

The company partnered with Digibee to digitize workflows and integrate its Property Management System with self-serve technology. The results were almost immediate:

  • 100% reduction in guest complaints
  • 80% reduction in guest wait time
  • $300,000 saved in the first year

Everyone Benefits from Integration

It’s not all about IT. Stakeholders in departments at every level of your organization can realize the business benefits of integration. But open communication about integration priorities and goals is critical. 

When we surveyed over 1,000 enterprise IT professionals in early 2022 for our State of Enterprise Integration Report, we observed a significant disconnect between different players when they were asked who owns enterprise integration. The C-suite, IT experts, product teams, and citizen developers can all benefit from the right integration solution – but only if they’re working in cooperation instead of competition.

Realize the Business Benefits of Data Integration

Whether your organization is looking for an iPaaS solution to help modernize legacy infrastructure, implement a digital transformation strategy, or just increase your operational efficiency, Digibee can help.

Our low-code iPaaS makes it easy for IT experts and citizen developers alike to build, deploy, and maintain integrations to support your business goals. And you don’t just get a service provider when you work with Digibee – you get a partner, by your side every step of the way and fully committed to your success.


Download a copy of the TEI of Digibee’s eiPaaS for full details on the data integration benefits your business can realize with Digibee.


Or, book a custom demo to see for yourself what our solution can do.


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