How to Break Up with Your Legacy iPaaS

Leaving your existing legacy solution may seem too daunting, but switching to a modern iPaaS could make it easier than you think.

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March 7, 2024

Look, we get it, breakups are never easy. But how often in hindsight do we know we not only did the right thing, but actually, we should’ve done it sooner? That’s how Digibee customers feel once they finally decide to dump their Legacy iPaaS for Digibee’s serverless, modern platform.

Our customers have a myriad of reasons to leave: end of support of a legacy solution, deploying a new technology requiring modern architecture, over-extended IT teams managing integrations causing priority work to pile up, or the ever-increasing update and support costs that add little to no added value. Whatever the reason, putting off the inevitable prevents true scalability, slows growth, hurts morale, and ultimately impacts your bottom line. 

It’s time to move on. Digibee’s iPaaS not only empowers your development team and maximizes their capabilities, we also enable your transition quickly, cost-effectively, and without heartbreak. Really.

Breaking up is hard to do

Change is often unavoidable – you can choose to prepare for it, or choose to react to it. We’ve heard all the reasons preventing organizations from leaving their co-dependent legacy iPaaS relationship. We aren’t pretending they aren’t valid, but making the change with Digibee may not be as hard as you think

We’ve listed a few of these “relationship struggles” below. If any of them resonate with you, talk to our team. We can address each of your concerns and put your mind at ease, strategizing your potential replacement and moving forward with a healthier integration partnership.

But, it’s comfortable

You’ve been with your legacy solution a long time. You have an understanding and leaving feels too disruptive. “We’re fine. It’s fine. I’m fine.” Sound familiar? 

Many technology professionals have lost sleep over technology replacements that proved so difficult to deploy that the new solution is underwhelming in comparison. Sure, change can be hard, but the reality is that ignoring necessary change can lead to your organization getting stuck – risking the growth and innovation needed to succeed and outshine your competitors. 

But, we know how it works. With IT teams already overextended, the decision to replace an existing “good enough” technology needs to be justified with an undeniable reason to act and a clear, quantifiable business outcome. Often, organizations don’t seek an alternative solution until a crisis arrives making the decision for them.

Changing vendors is an investment and you need assurance that disruptions and downtime will be minimal. Digibee’s implementation model minimizes downtime and includes onboarding your team quickly so they can be valuable almost immediately. Did we mention we’ve done it before

The way we were

You’ve been creating code together for years, there’s so much history and invested time. How can you just leave it all behind? 

The mere thought of walking out on your existing in-house solution and all its interconnections and customizations gives you so much anxiety that it seems easier to just stay. Digibee’s solution is not just robust and scalable, but it’s also low-code and composable. Change management is easy and repeatable, so your development team doesn’t have to continue down the usual path of constant customizations and tangled code. 

Digibee’s iPaaS empowers all developers – not just integration specialists – to easily build and monitor integrations. We are the first serverless iPaaS platform. Our architecture is born in the cloud and built on microservices. You can leave the complexity behind and position yourself for a future already built to be scalable and grow as your business grows.

Maybe it’s time to spice things up 

You chose your existing integration product for a reason. Opening up to a new vendor, especially when you already have one, might sound like more of a headache, but it could be the solution you need to alleviate your issues.

Sometimes, the right solution is a hybrid model, where Digibee works in tandem with your existing platform. Our team will take the time to understand the rationale and purpose of your existing solution. Whichever solution best suits your organization’s needs, Digibee’s team can walk you through step-by-step how they would approach each of your concerns and support every aspect of your transition.

The financial challenges would be too much 

You’ve invested so (so) much in this relationship. It’s hard to justify investing in another solution when technically, you already have one. 

We know budgets are constrained in our current economy. Let our team walk you through a detailed ROI analysis that explores the pros and cons of spend on your current solution versus Digibee. The reality often is, that the savings in time, resources, and money that a replacement or co-existing iPaaS can deliver, can be significant for your business.

Modern iPaaS solutions like ours are actually extremely cost-effective, especially compared to legacy solutions. Transitioning from an on-prem solution to a cloud solution also turns your investment from CapEx to OpEx, which provides additional financial benefits. And, our straight-forward, transparent pricing model includes onboarding, implementation and support services. We can empower your team to deliver in as little as six weeks or less. 

Change nothing, and nothing ever changes

If you’re tired of feeling stuck in a legacy relationship (and we didn’t say partnership for a reason) and looking to strategize the next steps for your business, we’d love to hear from you. 

Get in touch with our team today and let us walk you through how we can address each of your pain points with our simple, fast, modern approach to integration. 

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