The Digibee Story…So Far: (KNOCK KNOCK) We’re Here!

Digibee announces “IDC Innovator” status for integration and API management, tools and technologies.

July 27, 2023

Digibee debuted in North America in early 2022, fresh off our series A raise ($25M). And although we hit the ground running, like any young tech company offering a new way to do an old thing, getting the market to notice was an uphill battle. 

Yes, there were low-code integration solutions already on the market, but Digibee introduced prepackaged, reusable capsules, providing unprecedented efficiencies in how companies integrate. 

Instead of expecting our customers to build API triggers from the ground up, we customized the process, providing a collection of prebuilt options for an even faster time to value. Plus we deliver one of the very best user experiences in the business, bar none.

Since those early days, we’ve hit a lot of new and impressive milestones. Along with an incredible 70% close rate on our proofs-of concept, we’re building new partnerships with customers every day. Our biggest accomplishment so far? A crazy successful Series B raise ($60M) in June 2023. 

After plenty of hard work and many impressive achievements, I think it’s safe to say that Digibee has finally, officially, arrived.

You Know You’ve Arrived When…

In technology, validation comes in different forms. First there is the inspiration and trust we receive from our customers. We are fortunate to work with creative organizations across many different industries that, like Digibee, are working hard to be the best they can be.

Second is the confidence and trust we inspire in our investors. Talk about putting your money where your mouth is! Starting with our $6M seed round in February, 2019, a $25M Series A round in early 2022, and our amazing $60M Series B round just a few months ago. Smart and successful investors truly believe in Digibee, helping us achieve total funding of over $90M. Trust personified.

Then there are the industry experts, the analysts and insiders who leverage years of experience to forecast where technology is going (and who’s helping to get it there). While large, traditional enterprise software companies may be inured to analyst coverage, for Digibee, this form of recognition serves as a tangible proof point that the hard work we’re doing is paying off.

A recent achievement is Digibee’s inclusion in the IDC Innovators: Integration and API Management Tools and Technologies 2023 report, by Shari Lava and Andrew Gens. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Shari over the years, leveraging her deep experience and knowledge of the industry to help guide corporate strategy.

The experts at IDC highlight Digibee’s modern, low-code platform, our amazing visual canvas, reusable capsules, customized API triggers, and event management capabilities. 

“Digibee was chosen as an IDC Innovator due to its work on the cutting edge of integration for cloud-native deployments.”

Source: IDC

While we’ve always considered our work to be cutting edge, it is incredibly meaningful to have leading industry experts put it in writing.

Read the report for the full story on how Digibee is offering a differentiated approach within a rapidly changing market, or visit our website.


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