Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Naouel Saadi, Head of People Design

Meet Digibee employees with our Employee Highlight series. Some of the best and brightest are part of the Digibee team (Digibees) and have diverse stories to tell.

August 2, 2023

Although reluctant to talk about herself at first, I am thrilled she agreed to let me interview her so we could have a lovely conversation about her exciting work on the People Team. She’s an analyst, fitness-enthusiast, a pugilist (I learned a new word!), a globetrotter, and a bibliophile. Meet this people-oriented, inspiring, hard-working Digibee, it’s our Head of People Design, Naouel Saadi!

Why Digibee?

Naouel (“Nau”) initially worked for a consultancy company’s financial advisory department resolving legal issues and later transitioned to a marketing role in a manufacturing company. Eventually, she shifted to human resources when she joined an HR consulting company.

She discovered HR was the right fit and began researching a career change with a particular interest in moving to the tech industry when Digibee’s Global HRBP for Revenue and Customer Success, Thais Suzuki, reached out to her on LinkedIn to discuss an opportunity at Digibee. Nau said she and Thais “immediately connected” during their first call. Nau was drawn to Digibee’s small size, and the chance to contribute to the company’s growth while gaining experience in a new (to her) industry. Now, two and half years later and with significant growth at Digibee, Nau is thrilled she joined the Digibee team.

Life at DigibeeNau-Thais-employee-highlight

Nau is naturally an analytical thinker with a passion for numbers, data, and spreadsheets. In Digibee’s fast-growing environment, she enjoys exploring these interests through an HR lens and using analytics to drive positive outcomes. Her background in the financial sector also sparked an interest in exploring compensation. Nau lit up when speaking of the project she is currently leading for an employee stock option program. She finds it fulfilling to learn and enhance her skills while also creating an incentive for employees to be personally invested in the company’s success. As a fellow Digibee, I was excited by the prospect of having a stake in the company and enjoyed talking with Nau about the positive impact that kind of program can have on the company and employees as a whole.

As a start-up, Nau was part of establishing the HR department from the ground up in Digibee’s early stages. She says the recent addition of Chief People Officer Tia Philips has further strengthened the HR team into a fully-functioning HR department, which has been an exciting journey to be a part of.

Nau believes in Digibee’s innovative iPaaS technology and its potential for significant market impact. Naturally, as the company carves its path globally and in the integration space, change and implementation are constant. The challenge is that while Nau and the HR team embrace the excitement, they need to remain flexible and adaptable to navigate this dynamic environment. 

Nau is well-equipped to handle the challenge due to her multicultural upbringing. Growing up in a diverse family and living in Brazil, the US, and even Holland, exposed her to different situations, cultures, languages, and people. Those experiences taught her how to navigate and thrive in fast-growing and ever-changing environments, making her well-suited for her role at Digibee.

The Future Ahead

What excites Nau the most about Digibee’s future is what she sees as unlimited opportunities for both her own professional growth and the expansion of the company. Nau expressed that “Digibee is already a significant player in the integration space. I can’t even imagine the level we can reach. With our disruptive platform, we could be the next big tech company in the world. I truly believe that.” 

“Digibee is already a significant player in the integration space. I can’t even imagine the level we can reach. With our disruptive platform, we could be the next big tech company in the world. I truly believe that.”

Nau also has complete trust in Digibee’s founders and leadership, and she loves working for a company where her purpose in HR perfectly aligns with their vision, mission, and commitment to valuing and investing in their employees. Nau firmly believes that “employees need to grow through a safe and sustainable environment,” and is proud to help foster that at Digibee. For her, a successful company isn’t just about what you are building, but how you are building it. (I couldn’t agree more!) Nau’s unwavering faith in leadership, the value of Digibee’s platform, and the team’s dedication inspires, motivates, and drives her forward in her role especially as she looks to the future.

Balancing Work & Life at Digibee

Nau said she admittedly needs to work on prioritizing time for herself outside of work. She is very routine-oriented and active. She gets up early every day to get in a workout at the gym. She enjoys going for runs and taking hikes. She also practices a martial arts discipline called Muay Thai, (sometimes referred to as Thai boxing), three times a week. Maintaining an exercise routine helps Nau stay focused and balanced. (Whereas maintaining my coffee routine helps me stay focused and balanced.)

She’s also a bibliophile, and particularly enjoys reading history and biographies about historical leaders. She is fascinated by significant moments throughout history and understanding the people and context leading to those moments.  

Travel holds significant importance in Nau’s life. Her father is from Algeria, North Africa, and her mother is Brazilian. Her upbringing involved frequent travel to visit family, and living in different places, which nurtured her love for exploring the world. She values that remote work has afforded her the flexibility to travel more, and relishes any chance she gets, whether it’s short trips to beaches and cities, visiting family, or embarking on more adventurous trips to less touristy destinations. Nau also feels travel has had a direct positive impact on her work with diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. The exposure to diverse people and cultures has really helped her navigate a global company environment. 


At Digibee, we have a team of incredible individuals working together to bring our innovative enterprise integration solution forward in the US and globally. It was wonderful getting to chat with one of our exceptional “Digibees,” Nau, about her exciting work at Digibee. Keep reading our employee highlights to learn more about this amazing team of people working to make Digibee’s mission possible.

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