Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Thais Tinelo Bergamo Suzuki, HRBP Customer Success, Brazil

Meet Digibee employees with our Employee Highlight series. Some of the best and brightest are part of the Digibee team (Digibees) and have diverse stories to tell.

September 30, 2022

I pegged Thais as a people person immediately after we began our conversation, so it was no surprise to learn she found her calling working in human resources. I could have chatted with her for the rest of the day about her role and the meaningful impact it has on Digibee’s culture, but we are both busy (Digi)bees and had exciting work to get back to.


Why Digibee?

For our HR Business Partner for Customer Success, Thais, she was first drawn to Digibee’s dream. Thais had known one of our co-founders, Rodrigo, for months, and immediately saw his brilliance, objectivity, passion, and determination, and became fascinated by his story. Not just conceiving a company from the ground-up, but that Digibee had this remarkable, universally-critical product to bring to the market. She was instantly sold on the dream and wanted to become part of building it. Rodrigo mentioned he was looking for someone to create a people team, and Thais said she thought “wow – can I be that person?” Now, two years later, Thais is that person, excited for whatever comes next and looking forward to seeing it happen. 

Life at Digibee

Helping build the Digibee team has been an amazing journey. Thais feels her strongest asset is connecting with people, and as soon as we started talking, I could concur with that. For her, a former psychologist, communication and making meaningful connections are the key skills to prioritize to create a successful, healthy work environment. She also loves being part of the hiring process and influencing decisions that directly affect key positions for the customer success team. In her interactions with leadership, she provides guidance and support to “continually evolve the necessary soft skills that cascades to the whole team and that area of the company.” She enjoys seeing the impact of that work. Thais observed that “you can have the best processes on earth, but they will only work if the people implementing them are engaged.”

Of course, every job has its challenges, but in Digibee’s case, they are good ones to have – we are growing fast. “That speed demands a lot of flexibility and willingness to grow. We are building this company together. The challenge,” Thais says, “is everyone seeing their responsibility in that and supporting each other. Scaling up is hard.” Everyone is busy, and it’s important for managers to encourage and push their teams, but it’s equally important to remain flexible and keep communication lines open so we can manage the pressure and workload as a team. 


The Future Ahead

There was a noticeable shift of excitement in Thais when I brought up the topic of Digibee’s future. From her perspective, she’s already had a glimpse of the potential of the company there in Brazil. She not only believes in Digibee’s product, but she feels it has the potential to solve the problems of the business world globally – and that is truly exciting. What is unique about Digibee’s recipe is having both a fantastic product and fantastic people supporting it. Thais believes “everyone working here has the greatest opportunity. The level of interactions – we are not hierarchical – everyone has access to the nicest, most amazing professionals. And, we have a great product. What other company has that opportunity?” From her perspective, it’s individually and professionally satisfying to be a part of.

Thais has a vision for how she fits in Digibee’s future. She has ambition, and has been committed to maintaining a workforce with passion and purpose ever since she joined the company. She wants to continue to have opportunities to impact and influence leadership and the decision-makers to position Digibee as a leader in the industry, not just for its technology, but as a desirable place to work. 

Balancing Work & Life at Digibee


It’s probably a bit of an understatement to say, but being a mother of three girls keeps Thais very busy. She laughed that she really doesn’t have time for hobbies, what little spare time she has is devoted to her family. But, she also recognizes how her experiences as a mother have shaped her both personally and professionally. “Drama doesn’t fit my life. Balancing work and home, you need resilience and flexibility to thrive.” She spoke about the importance of remaining objective and always challenging your perspectives to stay open-minded to solutions. For Thais, motherhood has shown her the value of some of her innate characteristics: prioritization, organization, and remaining practical, pragmatic, and optimistic. These traits not only help her teach her children how to navigate the world – but also directly affect how she carries herself in the professional landscape. She is very proud to work for Digibee and to model for her children what a healthy, successful, professional working mother can look like.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to keep meeting new (to me) Digibees like the magnetic Thais, and seeing the company through their eyes. Keep reading our employee highlights to learn more about this incredible team of people working to bring Digibee’s innovative enterprise integration solution forward in the US and globally. 

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