Finding the Future of Integration at Forrester Technology & Data Strategy in Austin TX

The Forrester Technology and Data Strategy event in Austin TX occurred earlier this month. I was especially pleased to attend and co-present with Alec Irwin, lead integration developer at Johnson Brothers, a prominent wine, beer, and... Read more »...

September 21, 2023

The Forrester Technology and Data Strategy event in Austin TX occurred earlier this month. I was especially pleased to attend and co-present with Alec Irwin, lead integration developer at Johnson Brothers, a prominent wine, beer, and spirits distributor in the US.

Digibee has partnered with Johnson Brothers on a significant enterprise integration implementation, helping the company transition from its on-premises solution (in place for six years) to Digibee’s born in the cloud iPaaS. 

The work is particularly exciting in that we’ve achieved such impressive results. For example, modernizing six years of on-premises integrations to Digibee’s iPaaS in less than six months. Plus, the implementation was 70% faster versus upgrading to the new version of the legacy product.


Making the move from the way it was to the way it should be

While it’s very satisfying to trot out such meaningful examples of Digibee’s technology in use, what really hit home for me at the event was the determination of so many enterprises to fundamentally change their integration strategies. Especially the courage required to undertake such vital work.

The truth is that integration has become the lynch pin for many organizations that must evolve their operations. While each innovation story is unique, the innovators behind it must take that first step forward, parting ways with the status quo, and forging a new path for the business. It takes determination and fortitude to swim against the stream. 

Here are just a few of the conversations we had at the Forrester event with innovators who are preparing to jump off enterprise integration as they’ve always known it to embrace the future.

The building products manufacturer

The company wants to move from its on-premises ERP–running on an AS/400–to modernize and support its future success. Currently, the business is bogged down by clunky, legacy integrations, inefficiencies that are further complicated by manual workflows and spreadsheets. These legacy processes don’t deliver the desired connectivity that would allow all teams to access the information they need when they need it. 

The technology company

The head of IT service management for a global company that develops and sells computers and related products and services, is continually challenged to synchronize data from large datasets without overloading. The current iPaaS is unable to scale with the business, which leads to valid concerns around performance. 

The satellite and managed network provider

Saddled with custom applications built in-house, the business has an extremely complex IT environment. To become more efficient and modernize the operation, the company wants to evolve to a digital-first model where they can easily build, connect, and reuse code for application development.

The software company

Specializing in products for software developers and project managers, the organization wants to provide more than an API to its customers to help them improve how they integrate with the technology. Standard connectors are not enough for the majority of use cases. The company is interested in partnering with Digibee to elevate these services.

Next steps with Digibee

While all of these scenarios are unique, there’s an underlying thread that ties them together: true innovators are no longer willing to accept the status quo. Instead of building more customizations, hiring more resources, and spending too much time and money on a mediocre result, enterprises are mobilizing to the future. 

It’s an exciting time for enterprise integration. While the evolution of the technology is fascinating in its own right, the most satisfying aspect of the work is the evolution of the enterprise. At Digibee, we see this every day. 

For a data-based view of enterprise integration today and into the future, download a free copy of the Digibee 2023 State of Enterprise Integration report.

If you have an integration story you’d like to share or you’re in the midst of a project you’d like to discuss, please reach out to me directly on LinkedIn. If you’re interested in more information about Digibee, visit our website or schedule a demo.


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