Introducing the Digibee AI Assistant

Digibee’s innovative AI Assistant in our customer training portal is optimizing enterprise integration.

June 8, 2023

Innovation at Digibee is a top priority. After all, our mission is to help our customers in their digital transformation journeys, so it only makes sense that Digibee evolves on a similar path. 

With some of the brightest minds in the industry, the Digibee team has an insatiable curiosity and inherent desire to continually improve how enterprises integrate and innovate. Our best ideas are based on our understanding of what’s needed and what’s next. And then we make it happen.

Case in point is the Digibee AI Assistant, a new capability in our customer training portal: the Digibee Academy 2.0. The technology is unique and AI-driven and tailored to answer questions in real-time from customers seeking information.

It’s been an exciting project and we are happy to share this with our customers! Here are some more details about how Digibee will use AI, today and into the future, to support our customers and advance our technology.

How AI Helps Digibee Users

Digibee believes in empowering our platform users and our employees to help them achieve their true potential. 

We are very proud of how intuitive the Digibee drag-and-drop platform is for Solution Engineers to learn and use, and how quickly they become proficient in building, running and monitoring integrations with our iPaaS. Yet we always strive to leverage the best available technologies and ideas to continually improve the user experience. 

The advances we’re achieving with AI make it easier for everyone to find the information they need in real-time. It also provides us with important insights to better understand the needs of our users, helping to inform how we improve and evolve the Digibee platform. There are short and long term advantages for our customers in using our platform, and our iPaaS will evolve based on what we learn – both from our users directly and from what we can glean from AI.

Unlike many integration technology vendors, the Digibee support model – including the Academy and our AI Assistant – is provided free of charge. Our customers shouldn’t have to pay to learn. 

Unlike many integration technology vendors, the Digibee support model – including the Academy and our AI Assistant – is provided free of charge. Our customers shouldn’t have to pay to learn. And while our support is free, our customers truly experience the benefit of our platform when the training wheels come off, providing development folks and architects with total autonomy. The transformation from perceiving integration as a growth inhibitor to utilizing it as an enabler of speedy innovation is fully realized.  

The Future of AI for Digibee

The future looks bright! AI provides us with a variety of opportunities to elevate the Digibee customer experience and innovate our iPaaS technology. 

For the Digibee Academy 2.0 implementation, we created a cross-functional ad hoc team from different areas within the organization, all with skills related to data science and most from within the Education team. Based on the success we’ve seen to-date, we’re exploring the creation of a formal function and/or team to support continuous development and delivery of AI-powered capabilities.

With the Digibee Academy, the model will evolve beyond a question and answer format to make proactive content recommendations based on each user’s needs. The system will also grade assignments and provide personalized feedback for users leveraging our self-serve training model. 

Beyond the current implementation, we’re examining the application of AI within the Digibee iPaaS. The team is actively exploring conversational UX and other AI-powered capabilities, including enhancements to pipeline creation and maintenance workflows, the provision of smart recommendations, and the automation of tasks and processes for all users. 

What’s Next?

Today, we’re actively testing the system internally at Digibee. The AI Assistant will provide real-time answers to questions regarding the content within the documentation portal. It will also help users complete self-training courses, improve their knowledge, and build a better understanding of the Digibee iPaaS.

For more information about the Digibee AI Assistant, the Digibee Academy 2.0, or Digibee’s iPaaS technology, schedule a 15 or 30 minute call with us.

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