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2023 State of Enterprise Integration Report for Retail

An examination of the findings of the 2023 SEI report through a retail industry lens.

About the report

Digibee surveyed over 1,000 enterprise IT professionals in the first quarter of 2023 to provide insights into integration patterns, challenges, and opportunities in our annual State of Enterprise Integration report.

Retail Integration efforts are leading the industry curve. The report aims to help enterprises understand how you stack up against other industries when it comes to integration – and where you stand compared to your peers.

Key highlights from the report

Ecommerce data management and omnichannel strategy are advancing rapidly in retail. Integration is becoming the industry standard, big data in retail continues to prove vital for growth, and connectivity between ecommerce and physical storefront systems is mission-critical. Retailers who fail to evolve in these trends are falling further behind.

The data speaks for itself. The report illuminates retail industry trends and challenges, including:

  • 99% of retailers still face unnecessary maintenance cycles on their integrations each year
  • Security and complexity are top challenges for retailers
  • 75% of retailers need integration to address up to 60% of their IT backlog and ecommerce migration needs

Assess your organization’s state of integration

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