Streamlined and collaborative integrations

Across customers and partners

Secure, collaborative integrations

Across teams, customers, & partners for streamlined connectivity


Make smart connections for health.

Dasa, a large medical diagnostic company, partnered with Digibee to integrate its healthcare collaboration platform (RNDS) across different agencies and states, while maintaining constant monitoring of the flow of data in a highly secure manner.

The Digibee difference


Our cloud-native technology is provided as a service, including development, go-live support, and maintenance. This means your system data and integrations are always fresh with no disruptions or costly delays to the business.


Data & platform agnostic

Move any data to and from any platform and public cloud (Azure, AWS, etc.). Built with a Google Cloud Services foundation (Kubernetes, containerization) for unparalleled speed, scalability, and security.


Rapid integrations

Digibee Capsules enable low-code workflows to lighten the load for your developers, with a minimum ten-fold reduction in development time for faster integrations. Our simple drag and drop interface allows junior developers to manage some of the work, broadening your resource pool and shortening the project timeline.

Faster time to launch

It doesn’t matter if your legacy system relies on Microservices, ESB/Cloud, or APIs, Digibee uses a local interface to connect all existing interfaces, shifting data to the Digibee platform in real-time. Combined with our industry-leading, free-of-charge onboarding team, you will be up and running in weeks versus months.

Digibee capsules

Integrations are faster to build with Digibee capsules. These reusable components are easily discoverable, providing pre-packaged business logic for internal teams, customers, and partners.

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