Cracking the AI Code: Presented at the Gartner Summit 2024

Our Gartner Summit presentation showcased how our product and AI boosted productivity and enabled significant reductions in effort and cost for a top global bank.

May 23, 2024

I had the honor of presenting on Digibee’s behalf at this year’s Gartner Innovation & Business Solutions Summit in Las Vegas, addressing over 150 leaders from diverse technical backgrounds and industries. Showcasing Digibee’s product is always a pleasure, but presenting a customer case study is even better. Especially when the results witnessed showed drastic reductions in overall effort and cost.

Have we met?

Digibee might be new to you, but we are an established integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) leader with hundreds of global marquee customers across the retail, financial services, and manufacturing verticals, as recognized by G2 over the last four seasons. In fact, we are proud to have the highest customer ratings of any integration vendor on G2. We’ve begun our second year of growth in the US, headquartered in Florida, with a $60M series B led by Goldman Sachs.

Digibee’s iPaaS is focused on making not just traditional IT but also core software engineering teams integrate their internal services, SaaS, enterprise apps, and third-party systems. We are blending low-code, serverless, and AI to make integrations easier.  

We are the developer’s choice for integration due to our ease of use while solving complex integration challenges. Our cloud-native platform enables developer teams to build, run, monitor, and manage integrations in as little as two weeks with our comprehensive onboarding model and outstanding support. We have also been recently validated by Gartner, receiving an honorable mention for the magic quadrant in the iPaaS category. 

Turning challenges into innovation

During the summit, we engaged with many people from different industries seeking to modernize, fast-track, and streamline their integration projects. Top of mind for many people was understanding how our AI tools and capabilities can accelerate delivery. Our presentation focused on a use case for leveraging our platform and AI to enhance productivity for a leading bank by 75%. 

The customer is among the top 20 financial institutions in the world, operating in 18 countries across the Americas, Asia, Middle East, and Europe. With over $440 billion in assets and nearly 100,000 employees (including 17,000 in technology), the Bank requires rapid innovation, effectively reinventing itself every four years. To maintain its competitive edge, the company combines off-the-shelf products with internally developed services to launch new products. The Bank chose Digibee’s iPaaS after exhaustively evaluating all the options available in the market. Primary factors that influenced their decision-making process were:

  • Empowerment without dependency: Our iPaaS eliminates the need for specialized developers and certifications, giving autonomy to squad developers. This shift enables teams to work independently, reducing bottlenecks, and enhancing productivity.
  • Accelerated development: With Digibee, development time is significantly reduced, allowing for quicker deployment of solutions. This acceleration ensures that our customers can respond promptly to business needs and market demands.
  • Efficiency through modularization: We embrace the “Reuse, Not API monoliths” philosophy. This modular approach not only streamlines development but also enhances efficiency across projects.
  • Seamless modernization: Digibee’s iPaaS coexists with customers’ existing platform investments, allowing them to surgically and continuously move appropriate workloads over without having to rip and replace them. 

Accelerating project delivery with AI-enhanced tools

Our approach to AI has been grounded in the pursuit of improving developer productivity. That’s it. To do so, we have had to analyze the most time-consuming parts of a developer’s workload and focus on simple solutions to accelerate their tasks. The three key pain points we saw recur are:

Pain Point: Learning curve and undifferentiated lift 

Andrew Humphrey from Gartner outlined that the dependency on integration specialists is the top pain point industries have expressed by leaders. The learning curve with other integration platforms is extensive, slowing down productivity and frustrating development teams. Many integration platforms require weeks to months of specialized training and certification tracks and frankly, this level of specialization is unsustainable. This approach also challenges the Gartner Fusion Squad Development model

The Solution: Digibee’s intuitive UX, streamlined onboarding, and drag-and-drop interface already accelerates the learning curve for development teams from months to only days. Additionally, Digibee’s AI also serves as a copilot for integrations allowing any software developer to quickly ramp up on the platform — in most cases, we are talking within a few hours. Our expert support and robust education resources empower developers to achieve self-sufficiency quickly without specialized certifications. Our Digital Assistant AI/Chatbot also provides context-aware recommendations to guide the next steps and prompt-based integrations that reduce errors and ensure consistency while automatically recommending best practices for development workflows.

Pain Point: Data wrangling 

We also constantly hear how data wrangling is a beast in integrations — and we know it doesn’t have to be. Developers often face challenges when transforming JSON structures to ensure data formats align across different systems, which is crucial for seamless data exchange and interoperability. Using JOLT is a powerful and popular approach for JSON transformation tasks, however, it has a complex specification syntax, and a steep learning curve can be a significant obstacle, especially for those new to the tool.

The Solution: Our AI-driven data transformation leverages data schemas, examples, and visual assists to reduce the amount of effort a developer needs to build mappings.

The AI Assistant for JOLT Generation addresses these challenges by automating the creation of JOLT scripts. This assistant simplifies the learning process, reduces errors, and saves developers time by generating accurate and consistent transformation specs. Additionally, it facilitates efficient debugging and testing, making JSON transformation tasks more accessible and efficient for developers, allowing them to focus on higher-level tasks.

Pain Point: Delays, delays, delays 

Developers often spend 20% or more of their time managing integrations, which detracts from their higher-priority tasks, and hinders business objectives. Extensive training requirements, loss of tribal knowledge, maintenance tasks, and compliance risks further prolong the process, causing additional delays.

The Solution: Digibee’s automated documentation AI neatly packages up solutions to address all these pain points. Not only does it vastly reduce the time and effort typically spent on creating documentation but it also ensures quality and accuracy. The documentation provides automatic, detailed descriptions of integrations, the applications involved, comprehensive security details, error handling, and troubleshooting notes to simplify processes, facilitate onboarding new team members, maintain transparency, and enable compliance with industry regulations.

Let’s talk about results

While we focused our presentation on a specific use case for one of our customers, our solution is flexible and scalable, effectively offering similar solutions for all our customers. 

Result: Increase in productivity

Many customers face barriers to production time that hinder productivity and stall other higher-value work. Before Digibee, projects for this customer took on average approximately 160 development hours with a heavy focus on maintenance. With Digibee, the time to production was reduced to only 40 hours, resulting in a staggering 75% increase in productivity spanning the entire development lifecycle. Using our core platform and enhanced by our AI capabilities, the customer was able to realize drastic boosts to productivity in the development, testing, and maintenance phases.

We’ve achieved similar results with GJP Hotels & Resorts, delivering a seamless integration ten times faster than the traditional integration model the company had originally considered.

Result: Decrease in time to market

Our ability to decrease time to market is a game changer for industries facing aggressive timelines. On average, the Bank expected a delivery time of approximately 6 weeks. With Digibee, time to market was reduced to 1 week, resulting in an 80% increase. And, we’ve done this before. Take a look at our case study for global shoe retailer, Payless, where we delivered a fast, effective integration implementation in less than 30 days. 

Result: Reduction in costs

In this global economy, the ability to cut costs can effectively make or break an organization’s success. In the world of integration, organizations on average spend 4-5 times more on implementation than infrastructure. If you can crack that code, then you can drastically reallocate valuable resources toward building your differentiation and scaling your business. 

For this financial powerhouse, infrastructure costs had an unnecessary impact on their budget. With Digibee, the Bank was able to realize $1.5M in infrastructure cost savings (across cloud, operational software, and the iPaaS itself), resulting in an 88% reduction in costs. See how our acceleration of integration timelines also reduced costs for the global food distributor, Bauducco, resulting in a $2M savings on project costs.

Join the future of iPaaS with Digibee

Digibee is committed to enabling enterprises to succeed in their transition to a modern integration strategy. Our iPaaS technology, coupled with our innovative AI solutions, liberates developers from time-consuming maintenance tasks, pivoting these valuable resources to focus on the highest-value projects that benefit the business. 

See for yourself why Digibee is the Developer’s choice for integration. Schedule a demo with our integration experts. 

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