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Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Felipe Amarante, Global Operations Manager

Meet Digibee employees with our Employee Highlight series. Some of the best and brightest are part of the Digibee team (Digibees) and have diverse stories to tell.

October 27, 2023

A “foodie,” globetrotter, bicyclist, devoted dog-dad, engaged listener, team-builder, and mentor, meet our lovely Global Operations Manager, Felipe Amarante, and read about his impactful work since an opportunity at Digibee knocked on his door.

Why Digibee?

Felipe first came to Digibee after a friend and former colleague recommended he consider an open position. Although he wasn’t job searching at the time, he was intrigued by the product and admittedly missed the thrill and fast-pace of working in a start-up environment. After his initial conversations with the HR team and Digibee’s leadership, he could sense that Digibee was about to change the integration game, and he wanted to be a part of it.

Felipe has been with Digibee just over a year. With the exciting pace of growth, an innovative product, and ample opportunity to make an impact, Felipe is sure he made the right decision in joining the team.

Life at Digibee

Digibee’s iPaaS gets right to the center of the solution, creating integrations between different software in real-time. Felipe’s team builds the foundational elements of the platform and tackles all the mission-critical applications. Managing a large scale platform with a massive amount of transactions, serving a multitude of customers and industries, is no simple task. But, Felipe finds this ever-evolving work is always compelling.

Felipe’s favorite aspect of Digibee’s culture is that it allows him to be his authentic self. His role combines his passion for technology, his natural inquisitiveness, and his enthusiasm for teaching. He came to Digibee with extensive experience instructing and conducting trainings. He’s grateful that he can leverage that experience in a management capacity. His goal is to not only build teams, but also mentor new leaders who will shape the future of Digibee.

One skill Felipe developed from his personal life that has had a profound impact on his career is the art of listening. Growing up “the quiet one” in his family (whereas my family has no “quiet one”), he learned quickly the value of observing and absorbing information to develop empathy and strengthen relationships. He stated that “listening is magic.” Felipe values the connections you can establish when you show people you are willing to really listen to them, to be available to them, and let them lead the conversation. This skill has served him well as a manager. 

The Future Ahead

For Felipe, Digibee’s future is about continuous and exponential growth. Over time, Felipe’s team has grown from just two engineers to two dedicated teams of 17 engineers (and we’re still growing). The challenge Felipe faces is wanting to maintain Digibee’s healthy work culture while the team expands. “Happy people deliver outstanding results. While we keep building the team that builds the platform, my top priority is ensuring everyone on the team is happy and thriving.” While he acknowledges the challenges, he also finds it immensely rewarding to onboard new talent, cultivate new ideas, and foster the professional growth of the team. 

As the company evolves, we are restructuring and strategically dividing into more specialized teams from larger teams. The work done by Felipe’s team directly impacts the platform and the company. Felipe is driven to reduce the friction of his team’s work and streamline collaboration across the organization.

There’s an exciting pace of growth happening at every level: for the platform, for the team, and for the company, which will greatly impact Digibee’s customers and the integration space. In previous roles, Felipe lived in four different countries, interacted with thousands of people, traveled for recruitment purposes, and immersed himself in various cultures and communities. Felipe thoroughly enjoyed these enriching experiences. As Digibee expands its global footprint, Felipe is excited about the potential professional opportunities for his role.

Balancing Work & Life at Digibee

Digibee’s remote options provide Felipe with location flexibility. Felipe and his wife are epicuristas – they enjoy trying different cuisines and wines together. Luckily, being located in Lisbon, with its rich gastronomic heritage, there is no shortage of restaurants to explore. The Portuguese capital is also nestled in one of Europe’s most prolific wine regions, offering a diverse selection of wines. Felipe and his wife aim to try some new food at least once a week. 

Remote work also allows Felipe to spend more time with his beloved furry companions, Luke and Nano (pictured with his wife above at a dog-friendly restaurant, how great is that?). His “buddies” bring great joy to his life with their distinct personalities and their shared adventures, from walks and park playdates to fetch sessions and beach escapades (although he “always regrets when they jump into the ocean”). Their favorite place for an adventure is the nearby nature reserve, Monsanto. They remind Felipe of the importance of balance and embracing the simple joys of life.

Pictured: Felipe, at an animal sanctuary he helped support in South Africa. Animals are sent here for rehabilitation after being rescued from abuse. Some animals get comfortable enough with visitors to “hang out” with them.

At Digibee, we have a team of incredible individuals working together to bring our innovative enterprise integration solution forward in the US and globally. It was a pleasure talking to one of our exceptional “Digibees,” Felipe, about his journey and work at Digibee. Keep reading our employee highlights to learn more about this amazing team of people working to make Digibee’s mission possible.

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