Digibee Employee Highlight Series: Maddy Foreman, Campaigns & Programs Manager

Meet Digibee employees with our Employee Highlight series. Some of the best and brightest are part of the Digibee team (Digibees) and have diverse stories to tell.

September 8, 2023

With her infectious smile and sense of humor, Maddy can turn any meeting into a good one. She’s an artisan, foodie, humanitarian, bookworm, diligent planner, and team-player. Meet Digibee’s innately cheerful Campaigns & Programs Manager, Maddy Foreman! Maddy-F-hiking

Why Digibee?

After pursuing public relations and communications for her undergraduate program, Maddy spent four years working in marketing for a global company. Her career path then shifted her more toward the corporate sales world. While she did enjoy sales, she was eager to return to her roots. When a former co-worker suggested she consider an opportunity at Digibee, Maddy was enticed by the chance to get back to marketing on a global scale and the dynamic start-up culture. Naturally organized and process-oriented, Maddy was excited to get in at the ground floor of a company where she could help strategize and impact processes. 

As members of the same team, I can attest that Maddy has been instrumental to not only our US team processes, but global processes as well. Her adaptability and ability to quickly learn and implement new tools has been extremely impactful as Digibee grows and shifts. Now, one year into her professional journey with Digibee, Maddy has become an essential part of the team.

Life at Digibee

Throughout her life, Maddy always excelled at connecting with people and building relationships, even joking about her ability to “read a room” (please send tips to my 12 year old on this!). Maddy is friendly, good-humored, engaging, and approachable. These qualities make her an ideal fit for bridging gaps between departments, cultures, and teams, ultimately helping push projects across the finish line.

In her role as campaigns and program manager, Maddy’s day-to-day involves coordinating and aligning the many moving parts of a marketing campaign. With a natural knack for planning always evident across her personal life – from events, to vacations, to her upcoming wedding – she brings those organizational skills to her role. As a project manager, she thrives in a fast-paced environment, overseeing messaging, outreach planning, asset development, and ensuring timelines and deliverables are met.

Maddy-F-digibees-sept-22-marketing-meet-upMaddy said her favorite aspect of Digibee has been the people she works with. Especially in a predominantly virtual environment, it can be easy to feel disconnected. She engages daily with a vast network of colleagues spanning different regions, time zones, and languages, which can make the task of alignment quite challenging. But, she is grateful to have the opportunity to collaborate with such outstanding colleagues. As a team-oriented person, Maddy finds a lot of her professional motivation comes from building those connections.

The Future Ahead

Maddy is genuinely thrilled about the growth potential for Digibee. She expressed that the recent funding round has significantly ignited her excitement for what Digibee’s future holds, saying ”seeing the faith investors have in Digibee, that is really validating.” She is also a lifelong learner, always eager to acquire new skills and knowledge, and she recognizes that Digibee is uniquely positioned to continuously offer her the chance to expand and develop her skill set. 

One of Maddy’s future goals is to have a significant impact on the industry by ensuring that Digibee’s messaging resonates with prospects and customers. She believes that Digibee’s iPaaS has the potential to revolutionize the integration industry, not only by solving universal problems but by empowering software engineers. As Digibee continues to gain momentum, especially in the US, Maddy aims to find creative approaches to reach the right audience and demonstrate that there are superior integration solutions available (Digibee, of course!).

Balancing Work & Life at Digibee

Maddy has a wealth of fascinating hobbies and interests. On Monday nights for the past five years, Maddy can be found volunteering at the local Ronald McDonald house. If you are not familiar with the charity, Ronald McDonald Houses are part of a global organization that provide lodging, food, and resources for families so they can focus on treatment for seriously ill children. As a volunteer, Maddy helps ensure a welcoming environment, answers questions, and provides any other support or resources the families may need.

Maddy identifies as a “food enthusiast.” She is passionate about all aspects of the culinary world – from planning meals and selecting ingredients to experimenting with new recipes, trying new restaurants, and embracing various cooking methods like baking, grilling, and smoking. To her, food is a form of expression and sharing her culinary creations with friends and family is her “love language.” 

Maddy is also an avid reader. Her favorite genres include fantasy (mine too!), thrillers (yes!), memoirs (eh, not so much), and self help (well, she lost me there). We’ve connected over several books and in fact, are currently reading the same series. (To be honest, I was one of several people that suggested she read it, which made me want to read it again!)

When she’s not volunteering, cooking, reading, busy planning her next adventure, hiking, or out walking her dog, she’s learning new skills for do-it-yourself home improvements! She and her fiancé have completed several projects including building a beautiful outdoor sectional with hand-sewn cushions (see below), renovating their bathroom (they even learned to tile!), and building a shed for their yard.Maddy-F-DIY-smile-dog

At Digibee, we have a team of incredible individuals working together to bring our innovative enterprise integration solution forward in the US and globally. It’s always a highlight of my week when I get to talk with Maddy. She’s another of our exceptional “Digibees,” making Digibee a great place to work. Keep reading our employee highlights to learn more about this amazing team of people working to make Digibee’s mission possible.

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