Enterprise Integration: Lessons Learned at Gartner Symposium 2023

Many organizations are identifying integration infrastructure challenges. Discover how Digibee’s iPaaS can free up resources and budget for priority work.

November 2, 2023

Working at Digibee, I spend a lot of time traveling to events where I interact with a broad range of people. As noted in previous posts, this is a part of my job that I really enjoy. The recent Gartner Symposium in Florida was no exception.

Since I’m engaging with people who are interested in evolving their integration strategies, many of the discussions focus on the inefficiencies of existing integration infrastructure and the need to modernize what isn’t working. Top of the list is the massive imbalance in resources required to simply maintain the status quo. 

Since I’m engaging with people who are interested in evolving their integration strategies, many of the discussions focus on the inefficiencies of existing integration infrastructure and the need to modernize what isn’t working. Top of the list is the massive imbalance in resources required to simply maintain the status quo. 

Inevitably, the conversation shifts to what could be achieved if these resources were liberated. These are my favorite interactions. Instead of talking about what isn’t working, we focus on innovation. When the enterprise is able to redirect finite development talent to unlock business potential, the sky is truly the limit. 

Follow the money

Based on input from Digibee customers and the industry overall, it’s not uncommon for integration work to consume a significant portion of a company’s IT budget. 

In the 2023 Digibee State of Enterprise Integration report, the majority of survey respondents indicated that up to 25% of their IT budget is spent on integration. And it’s not uncommon to see enterprises spending much more.

Marfrig, an international food company and a new customer for Digibee, was shocked to see that they were investing 40%-50% of developer budget on integrations. The company wanted to rein in these costs and redirect resources to higher value work, key considerations in Marfrig’s decision to move to Digibee.

Every time we wanted to build a new project, we had to evaluate the budget. I was shocked to see after looking at the breakdown, 40%-50% of the developer budget was being spent on integrations, not on the core business. We knew that needed to change, which led us to Digibee.”

Joel Santiago
Diretor de TI América do Sul – CIO, Marfrig

Along with a significant allocation of resources, the integration budget must also fund maintenance and training. With traditional integration solutions this adds up quickly. In the Digibee report, survey respondents indicate that almost 40% of their integration budget is spent in these areas.

Digibee CEO & cofounder Rodrigo Bernardinelli, VP of Sales Marcelo Silva, and Head of Sales Engineering Daniel Dias at our booth at Gartner’s 2023 IT Symposium

When all you have is not enough

One discussion I had at Symposium was with the head of applications development at an industry-leading workspace products company. 

The business relies on a team of 10 developers trained on the traditional integration solution that’s been in place for years. Although this represents one of the largest dedicated groups within IT, the team is unable to keep up with demands from the organization. The result? A chronic backlog of IT initiatives. Important innovation tracks are in stasis as developers invest all of their time maintaining the existing system.

We explored the Digibee value proposition where every developer is empowered to integrate, distributing the workload across the entire team. Instead of placing all of the pressure on a subset of resources, Digibee makes light work with many hands. 

Even the most junior developers contribute, freeing up senior developers to focus on higher value work that supports the future success of the business. 

Enterprise integration wishlist

So where would business leaders dedicate repurposed integration resources if they had their way? Based on my discussions at Symposium, and backed up by the Spiceworks State of IT 2024 study, IT budget investment priorities tend to include:

  1. Upgrading outdated IT infrastructure
  2. Prioritizing IT projects
  3. Security

None of these initiatives are possible without software developers and engineers to carry out the work. With traditional integration solutions, a large swathe of a company’s IT resources are unable to focus on innovation. With Digibee, your entire team is enabled.

Next Steps with Digibee

Digibee is dedicated to helping organizations succeed in their transition to a contemporary integration strategy. Our iPaaS technology liberates developers from mindless maintenance tasks, redirecting these valuable resources to focus on the highest value projects that benefit the business.

Along with extending your existing resource base to do more, our all-in-one pricing model includes maintenance and support at no extra charge. With Digibee, you free up resources and IT budget, ensuring the business is able to advance the truly important work. 

For a deep dive into enterprise integration today and into the future, download a free copy of the Digibee 2023 State of Enterprise Integration report.

If you have an integration story you’d like to share or you’re in the midst of a project you’d like to discuss, please reach out to me directly on LinkedIn. If you’re interested in more information about Digibee, visit our website or schedule a demo.

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