Craft and Digibee Partner to Integrate Systems

Digibee modernizes infrastructure and boosts efficiency for global transportation company Craft, with our secure, robust, scalable integration platform.

June 5, 2024

Baguete, a news source providing coverage of prominent content across Brazil, posted an article in their logistics section announcing that the global brand, Craft, has established a three-year contract to build an integration network with Digibee

Key Highlights

Craft is a Brazilian-based multinational brand, specializing in international maritime, air, and land transportation. With the goal of modernizing their API infrastructure, Craft was faced with the challenge of implementing a platform with automated process flows to connect existing systems with the cloud. Digibee’s integration platform was chosen as the ideal fit to help Craft connect and support multiple systems and workflows. 

The company sought a secure, scalable platform that could handle an aggressive timeline. The article reports that the project started in 2023, and has already conducted approximately 530K transactions on the platform, eliminating manual data entry processes with an 80% increase in efficiency in data flow, a 97% accuracy of information, and a 20-fold reduction in inconsistencies. Today, new integrations are continuously being added to the platform.

Queit Zunino, Craft’s global IT director commented in the article about Digibee’s service, often with a response time of just three minutes, noting that “demonstrates a commitment to agility and continuous support. Today, the onboarding of new technology employees at Craft involves training at the Digibee Academy as well. We embarked on a major digital transformation in the company, and connecting all points, our entire ecosystem, is essential for us to leverage as an international logistics data hub.”

Read the full article from Baguete: Craft integra sistemas com Digibee (“Craft integrates systems with Digibee”)

About Craft

Craft is a Brazilian multinational company specialized in international transportation, focused on consolidating shipments and negotiating maritime, air, and land contracts for all participants in the logistics chain. Founded in 1997, it has its own operation in 10 countries and 35 offices spread across South and North America.

About Baguete

Baguete has been publishing content spanning subjects such as politics, global impact, the economy, technology, and sports since 1997. The news portal provides coverage of prominent content across Brazil to an audience composed predominantly of executives with decision-making power over IT budgets. With approximately 2 million monthly pageviews and 25,000 subscribers to the daily edition of the newsletter. 

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Craft and Digibee Partner to Integrate Systems

Digibee modernizes infrastructure and boosts efficiency for global transportation company Craft, with our secure, robust, scalable integration platform.

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