Digital Journal Features Digibee CTO and Cofounder Peter Kreslins Jr

The article covers new predictions in the technology field focusing on the expansion of AI and the anticipated impact on the integration industry, as well as the future of legacy systems.

December 8, 2023

Digital Journal is a global media platform offering news coverage in business, technology, science, life, sports, internet and videos.

Digibee’s CTO and cofounder Peter Kreslins Jr, was featured in the article in their business section: “Why we can expect the AI boom to continue” by Dr. Tim Saddle. The article covers predictions in the technology field in the coming year such as the expansion of AI capabilities leading to low code platforms becoming more popular, that modern integration platforms will better support organizational design, and the fate of legacy systems. 

Digibee’s Peter Kreslins draws a parallel between the way AI and low code use cases both enable and speed up processes for organizations. “As organizations look to expand software development to citizen developers to increase productivity and agility, and to free developers to focus more on system design and architecture and less on coding, low code enables such initiatives. Therefore, we expect the use of low code will also increase in 2024.”

Digibee co-founder and CTO Peter Kreslins Junior from the article “Why we can expect the AI boom to continue”, posted by Digital Journal, December 8, 2023

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